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  • Music, Movies, Games and iPhone/iPod touch application sales/rentals will demand this extra server farm capacity Hasn't Akami and Apple parted ways as well?
  • I am so tired of Apple and Canada not "playing nice". What is the deal with Apple? Why should the UK get iTunes movies before the US' neighbors Canada? I just don't get it. YEs another reason NOT TO BUY an Apple TV for myself. While I'm ranting, whe…
  • Blue Ray HDDVD, Blue Ray HDDVD... Who cares. By the time the dust settles on this physical media, iTunes will have HiDef content. I don't know 1 person who bothers to rent/buy these new format discs and almost half of these peopel have PS3, XBOX 360…
  • Food for thought and maybe let's think a little differently... Let's forget the 'laptop' concept for a moment and ponder about the rumours of the mac mini's demise. I will go WAY OUT on a limb and say that this so called ultra portable will be bund…
  • November.... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was hoping for September
  • Wouldn't that be somethiing... to see the mini disappear. I suspect it will change dimensions to match the Apple TV size so it matches the size n style.
  • I also find it odd that the Apple TV is 7.7"x7.7" while the Mac mini and new Airport Extreme are 6.5"x6.5". You would think they'd standardize the size so you can stack them, etc.
  • Anyone remember Intel's Viiv? Thoughts on an Intel Viiv-powered Media Server "Cube"?
  • Exactly... this is my first post and from seeing all of the information recently I will say that on Tuesday we see: > a home storage/raid "set top" (dumb) device with removable hd bays ala Mac Pro.. add more if you like... see the recent cube …
  • I agree. The 13.3" portable will cover the old slot of the iBooks and 12" Powerbooks and leave a slot for something "special". Think 8" screen... "MacPad"??? "Mobile Me"