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  • I am having the same difficulty. This is ridiculous though, since when is a computer device not , especially a mouse not fully "bindable" blah.
  • hey, uh I don't mean to hijack the thread or anything but I'm considering buying a mac book pro for college. Do you guys know what REV the mac book pro's are currently? Was just curious.
  • Yeah? I still need to see it in person with my own eyes. My parents have a recent fujitsu lifebook with glossy display, it's terrible outside. The colors are also inaccurate. I've posted something online only to see what it looked like on my desktop…
  • I am also very wary of this whole gloss display issue. Everything is going for the mac book pro IMO, size, & specs seem perfect for what I want and need. However the gloss screen really does make me hesitate to buy my first laptop though. I want…
  • Roger that.
  • Yeah, I'm checking i tunes out right now with a copied artist folder with a few albums in it. Getting a grip on how i tunes works etc before commiting my whole library to it. My only gripe so far is the naming of the folders, that's just nit picking…
  • My entire music library is full albums, I dont have any random songs, all full albums. I want the ability to browse my library which is hierchal IE artistname>albumname. I really do not want to use i tunes if possible. Hmm, on the other hand I gu…
  • Actually I'm being very specific about purchasing a laptop. I already have a big ass rig and 21" nec monitor that I dont care to lug around. The main reason I'm looking at laptops is I want to do plein air digital paintings,. Or even plein air 3d mo…
  • Indeed Placebo Yeah I'd say liveatlantis, I think the other 3d modeling programs are quaking in their boots . Modo 201 is not yet out, but modo 103 is (it's modeling/texturing/UV mapping only atm) but 201 will be out before too long. You can try…
  • awesome, because I've just started using modo, looks absolutely badass. Thanks for the response guys much appreciated :-) Liveatlantis, I started out with 3dsmax in highschool as a hobby, and then I went to the Art Institute of Portland (OR), and…
  • I dont care about all that mumbo jumbo tech talk I just read, albeit an interesting read. As long as it works, and the quality is lossless this would be sick! I'm definately a prospective buyer. There have been many times that the thought "I wish th…