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  • Well this is whats up. I can do video chat with some other people, but only like 2 out of 10 work. Every time i try to connect (the person on the other line sometimes uses a windows with a web camera, but she said it worked with a macbook pr…
  • Well, i just need to reinstall my games on my PC side (cause i only play MMOs on my PC side. So reinstalling them is no problem. If anyone has a walkthrough to re-partition it after i installed Bootcamp, please post it. I need it ASAP.
  • Err, more space on my PC side, so i can install more programs.
  • What if i wanna watch a movie from putfile, etc? do i have to DL it first?
  • Sweet thanks, didnt know they came out with a new one.
  • Oh yeah, and when i plug in the head phones, the sound comes out both the headphones AND the laptop speakers.
  • I got it right. I'm having lots of trouble installing this though. I should have waited until a more experianced mac user was with me to do this, because im afraid i screwed up. I have it working, but when i turn my computer on, it just goes to …
  • Alright, i was about to install it, but thankfully i reread the whole FAQ first. I need service pack to on my XP installation disc. The only disc i have doesnt come with SP2. Is there any other way without buying the actual SP2 disc? Or am i pretty …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Ebby 2) You need Windows XP service pack 2 specifically. No upgrade disks, no SP1. they don't work unless you want to hunt for drivers one at a time and that's a pain in the butt. I have no clue what XP service…
  • Good, i have XP home edition, i think..somewhere. World of Warcraft runs great on my laptop, but i dunno if a high framerate game such as BF2 would run as well. Some people said it was almost as good as some of the pre-made towers for gaming, bu…
  • well, on Newgrounds people have been using that song for a few parodies and what not, and i felt like making one myself.
  • Quote: Originally posted by TednDi itunes music store i've been looking for it, i dont know the names though \
  • Quote: Originally posted by Project2501 Do you have intel mac, neither flip4mac or WMP for mac has support for intel macs, but intel version of flip4mac is comming out soon, You should also try VLC-player from, it can play quite many…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Project2501 propably stupid question, but why don't you get flip4mac wmv plugin? I thought that was only thing you used to need wmp for? What ever I do, i'd rather not copy over 300 files some where around the system, …
  • I tried getting stuffit but it wasnt working for some reason. Can anyone give me link (not from the official website) for me to download?