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  • Quote: Originally posted by KingOfSomewhereHot I have a Sprint Treo650. Yes, it syncs with AddressBook, iCal, etc. Yes, it does it over BT with no probs (USB is faster). Also works as a modem using BT with the pBook. I don't know about th…
  • My favorite is me between two hot chicks smothered with baby oil and some whip cream...
  • On that note. Are there only going to be a certain amount of phones that you can use that are authorized. Like the 3 computer deal, or will it be limitless like the iPod? Thoughts...
  • Its official. Everything I purchase will in a month's time switch entirely to a new platform or OS. I bought a dual G5 and they go intel. I buy a Treo 650 and they go windows. Is anything sacred anymore??!!
  • Quote: Originally posted by ibook911 Has anyone had his/her Apple.com order ship? Mine still says estimated shipping today, but it hasn't yet. Any ideas? Thanks. Mine shipped out. It will be here tomorrow. Good luck!
  • Quote: Originally posted by CrazyWingman It was like ESP - I just suddenly felt the need to visit Apple's website (I also remembered it was Tuesday, and I was a bit bored). And there it was, a multi-button mouse. Wow! Now, since I won't get …
  • Well, I placed my order with overnight shipping. I will know soon enough if it was worth it. But it just looks so damn useful!! I can't wait!
  • Well, ratification does not come until next week. However, this is one American that is very happy to have the sport back. Football is just not enough for me, I need my Hockey season!
  • Quote: Originally posted by ShawnJ Nice "unique photos," Jerry! I especially like "Selective Coloring" and "Letting Go." Thank you! Glad you like them!
  • The great thing about CS2 is that it handles this type of dilemma beautifully. You take about 7 different exposure settings of the same shot(on a tripod of course) and then Photoshop will overlay them all together, while still giving you the contro…
  • Quote: Originally posted by ipodandimac burned dvd's in PS2's will never work on a consistent basis. what update? Well, I tried my living room DVD player, the PS2, and my bedroom DVD player. I have also since tried it in a PC and no luck …
    in iDVD help Comment by ijerry July 2005
  • Well, I tried on my personal DVD player, on my PS2, and on the DVD player in my bedroom. None of them recognized the disc. This is the first time I have ever had this problem, so I am not sure what to do. This is also the first DVD I have burned …
    in iDVD help Comment by ijerry July 2005
  • If you have to buy now, then buy now, but then don't feel bad if new stuff is released and you paid the same price for old stuff. Five days really is not going to kill anyone, and you can always overnight ship. I had to buy the dualie 2.7 for my c…
  • Apple usually runs this or a similar promo every year for the back to school crowd. If I were you, I would wait until after the 7th. It really couldn't hurt to do so!
  • Sticky suggestion seconded!
  • Congrats on your new purchase. Transitions, a common theme as of late. At any rate, what will you need....You should probably get Office if you are in school. I also bought iWork because you can then have some beautiful layouts for some of your p…
  • Wonderful choice! I bought the same machine about a month ago, and I am very pleased with everything. Only the consumer machines like the mini come with so many games, the PM did not come with any other than Chess. At any rate, a very good place …
  • Pretty nice. This is a cool little app for those wanting a GPA calculator. Just an FYI.
  • Quote: Originally posted by david_oc On a recent visit to San Francisco I caught a glimpse of what could be the future of Apple. As I was sitting on the Greyhound from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, a guy in a black Apple t-shirt got on. As he w…