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  • Thanks. I have gone over the content of all the four restore disks I have and unfortunatly, didn't find the iDVD software in any of them. Can you indicate me a more accurate direction. TIA
  • Thanks. I have tried pacifist, and it didn't opened, on my iMac 800 10.2.6 the PKg file on the vrious disks. To be more accurate, the Pkg. files there where unavailable to be opened. any other help?
  • Thanks for your reply. No, there are no special problems, except that yesterday, when on the OS 9 partition, I had a freeze, and after foreced restart, ( I am on iMac 800 with two partitions, one for each OS), in the OS 9 , I got this message again…
  • Thanks for your detailed reply. if plugged into the machine, unplug it from that port and just plug it right back in. then go to the chooser. you printer should be there w…
    in Lazy chooser Comment by raygol July 2002
  • Hello, I wish mine was yours. As I wrote in my initial post: when clicking on the printer icon on the left, the USB port icon, on the right pane, does not appear, in my case. My question is why and what can be done. So the good answer you got is…
    in Lazy chooser Comment by raygol July 2002
  • Mr Moderator, Please answer my question and how to resolve my problem Raymond
    in Lazy chooser Comment by raygol July 2002
  • Thanx for your reply. I have already done that and for the time being they don't seem to know what to do.
  • Thanks or your reply. It happened here before my case. I assume that it is may be, because the the os x create on the 9 Hebrew some strange phenomena. Stile I have repeated the process until I get to compare the two harddrive and once again there…
  • Thanks for your replies. Modem menu item is not an appropriate and equivalant replacement for Control PPP and OT/PPP Strip These two control strip modules are very handy. It is pitty that there is no replacement for Raymond
  • Thanks, Number 1 did not work, for me. Number 2 works fine. Thanks
  • merci bien
    in Zebra Screen Comment by raygol June 2002
  • Don't worry, and sorry, don't hope. I am looking for solutions to my problem.
    in Zebra Screen Comment by raygol June 2002