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  • that's interesting... for myself it was the ram, the minute I swapped it out with the original, the install was a breeze. I wasn't getting the essentials package failure though, but I got multiple failures such as "BSD package could not be verif…
  • I think I'll file a lawsuit against Apple now...seeing as how Apple didn't mention that their iPod Touch features a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery...
  • what does repair premissions mean
  • yeah, I have been looking at the iLap and it looks like a good product. I can't decide on whether or not I should invest in the iCurve for desktop use or the iLap. The main purpose of this is for desk use, but if I get the iCurve, I'll have to get…
  • Ah, it makes sense now. I always thought that the more free ram the better, but I see what you guys are talking about. Thanks a lot for the information guys!
  • Quote: Originally posted by soonToBeMac well, i just purchased my first mac (with free nano).. got the macbook 2ghz. with 2gig ram and 100gig hd (bought separately for $400 cheaper!)...Mine is targeted to ship on July 24th, order it yesterday (13…
  • Quote: Originally posted by blingem Here is the essential college set up, and why you need it: First off, you need a laptop. End of story. You could probably play some of the decent video games on it, and if you cant...well then play the PS2…
  • Ah, that doesn't sound too bad to just reinstall the programs. To be honest with you, I won't have anything to transfer to my MB from my current PC, so it seems to me that it would be logical to just use the cd's that come with the MB. Also, the M…
  • Yeah, that definitely looks good. I'm sure that's what I'll end up getting, but I've waited quite a while, since I don't need one till school starts in late late August, so I can wait a few more weeks. Thanks for the information, it's pretty usefu…
  • yeah I think I'll definitely wait and see what comes out. If a new MBP doesn't come out then I'll probably get a MB, which hopefully I can get in time for college because of the increased wait time. Can't wait!
  • I understand that it is a possibility that a new MBP could come out at WWDC here in a few weeks. Is it really worth the wait to see if a new MBP comes out? What exactly is the benefit of the new Merom processor, I know it will be faster, but will …