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  • ok, so i figured out what is wrong, now i just need to now how to fix it. One of the four magnet prongs is retracted in so it is not making connection with the computer. is there a way to fix this or just buy a new one? Quote: Originally Post…
  • nobody?? Quote: Originally Posted by jmguriel So my Macbook started acting up. It will randomly stop charging when it it plugged in. It will switch from the orange light to green, even though it is not done charging. It happens when i mov…
  • Yea, sorry, I just hate when people think they are better than people... plus I still dont get his salesman comment even with sarcasm..... anyway... you can run it through ebay via buy it now... or paypal because they offer fraud protection.
  • ha ha, good stuff
  • What are you talking about? I dont sell macbooks for a living. Im 24 in grad school with no income.
  • you say first off... followed by one stupid, unnecessary comment.. where is your second off?? Im not asking for fucking money dude. I got a good deal on a mac, and wanted to see if anyone was interested before i went to ebay.. this is a mac site r…
  • i didnt ask who didnt want to buy it.... buzz off
  • it is downloaded as a bin file
  • thanks for your help... but i am saying the actual windows media player install file.. so i need to know what program i need to use to install things
  • i need help. Somehow I switched the default program to VLC so my windows media player downloads as a video file which it then obviously cannot open. Which program do i need to open it with and how would i switch it to get it to open with that? t…
  • i made the switch.. but i cant get windows media player to work on my computer. For some reason it downloads as a VIC file and i do not know how to switch it or what program to run it with so that it will install.. any help?