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  • I think speedwise for me Opera is the fastest. Not only does it render websites very quickly it is also the most responsive interface-wise. In Safari (especially) and also in Firefox, often switching tabs while loading somewhat complex sites will ei…
  • Quote: Originally posted by 1984 That hot redhead seems strangely out of place in that picture. Because she's the only one not holding a laptop?
  • Well, after a generation or two, after the parents and grandparents busted ass so their kids and grandkids can live in comfort and get a good education, the kids will be just as lazy as your average over-privileged American. I'm talking as a child …
  • I expect that there will be a lot of iSights at the keynote. :-)
  • Giuliani as VP would piss off too many of the Republican's base because of his liberal stance on social issues, even if they admire him for his service as mayor of NYC. Rice is a more interesting choice, but I wonder how some on the far right would …
  • Like others, I think that once you die, that's it. It's depressing to think about it and kind of strange to wrap my head around it since you don't remember being unconscious. That's why I really hope there's something like an afterlife or reincarnat…
  • Quote: Originally posted by rageous Northgate: Schwarzenegger said he was against gay marriage during his campaign. No new news there. Well, didn't he actually say that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman?
  • It looked like she made a fairly noncommital statement and didn't come out directly against gay marriage. Perhaps she has a different view on it than her husband but doesn't want to go against his administration?
  • Macs are pretty well supported at UMich. You should have no problems.
  • Another HP and RPN fanboy here. It seems that TIs are very popular in secondary education but most engineers I know prefer HP. Granted I've been out of college for 2 years now but it seems that HPs are the more "serious" calculators to get.
  • Quote: Originally posted by trowa The only game that EA Sports had on a mac was Madden 2000 (don't rememebr who did the actual porting), it didn't fair too well and that was the end of that. You probably just saw a PC notebook that looked like a …
  • 192kbps AAC for classical music, 128kbps AAC for everything else.
  • What you Dean supporters forget is that yes, while he was trying to fire up his biggest supporters, his speech was also on all the TV channels, and for many voters was the first time that they've seen Dean give a speech. People don't want to elect a…
  • The best TV show is The Office. Well, they've officially ended their series in the UK but since they haven't shown the Christmas special yet here in the U.S. technically I'd say it's still an active series here in the U.S..
  • I wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions, it is inevitable that each candidate will have certain over-zealous supporters who cross the line in their support for their candidate, and I doubt such things would be condoned by any Presidential cand…
  • I think it's fake, and put me in the I think Osama is dead camp. I find it interesting that somehow with all the money he supposed has that he can't get another video camera to make a new video. All he needs to do is to make a video holding a curren…
  • No, I specifically recall an interview he did where he said that he saw what the U.S. did to Afghanistan and Iraq, and he didn't want the samething happening to him and Libya, so that's why he's becoming more cooperative first by settling with the f…
  • Yeah it's such a shame that they're spending all that money on caterers, waiters, people setting up/cleaning up after the wedding, the wedding dress makers, etc., because after all, they don't "really *need*" the money since they work for a living.
  • I'm at the University of Michigan and the Mac support is great. They have a lab full of dual-2GHz G5s w/ 17" LCDs. The IT department has great support for Macs and Macs are able use the university resources (wireless, VPN, etc.) just as well as the …