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  • You're all obviously a lot smarter than I. All I know is that a couple of system versions ago with the same hardware - same ram, my apps ran smooth ... no beachballing, no hanging between apps, no web browser stalls. Now, new system and all else …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by JLL Why? 1GB isn't much - not for Photoshop or any other Adobe app. Beachballing when going to and from an app is one of the signs of paging. If you don't even want to bother checking /var/vm/ then it's your own faul…
  • Well .... one clean install, several Microsoft User Data corruptions, lost Palm Pilot data, and many hours later amd I believe Tiger is still too slow. Perhaps it's a Photoshop thing. I notice the beach ball A LOT when going back and forth with P…
  • Actually, I am currently browsing through all my folders trying to figure out what I need to copy over before wiping everything out. Thus makes me very nervous.
  • I have my computer's primary on board hard drive ~ 75 gig drive I also have a secondary internal 250 gig hard drive installed. My system is running on the primary and I use the secondary for working files storage. I should be able to simply move…
  • I do have another important question about archiving. In the past I would burn multiple CD's, and then as technology evolved DVD's for archiving. Burning DVD's for archiving consumes huuuuge amounts of time. How does everyone feel about long t…
  • Well ... I guess it's time for a clean install. \ Thank you all for your replies.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Chucker When was the last time you did a complete clean reinstall? Hmmm .... been a while. But do I want to reinstall Tiger ... or is Linux (or other) a more streamlined option? Thanks Chucker