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  • great, thankyou, i feel somewhat enlightened! i should wait and see how it all works out first i suppose!
  • Ok, so, I put it on, simply because i could, not because i really needed to, to protect my own intellectual property, at present this comes to about 3 gigs, I can encrypt this seperately then, and avoid slowing down the whole machine? Please how,…
  • Thankyou so much, Yes, I think its the master password i have forgotten, which I need to turn filevault off. I know my login and admin password, (thankfully!), that must be the other (filevault) one? Sounds like a bit of a mission but it's a …
  • I am really confused, I put file vault on, stupidly and quite unnecessarily, and yes, have forgotten my password, it was some combination of parts of words and i cant find the exact one, I cant even really see what filevault is meant to be doing, ot…
  • wow, i'm confused, So what does filevault actually do?
  • Oh, and yes i do have filevault on, after I repaired permissions, I restarted and it kicked in to free up the space, which it hasn't been doing. Unfortunately i can't remember the password to turn it off, stupid I know (I invented a cocktail of t…
  • thanks, have repaired permissions and all seems to have returned to normal, such relief! Does anyone have any idea what can cause permissions to change like that? Thank you so much!
  • no no, "USB is the future" it will never ever ever change ever. Do you think touch screens would be capable of 1000 plus levels of sensitivity?
  • Thanks Marvin, I guess that's it for another piece of perfectly good but outmoded plastic and wires. Landfill? Thanks WACOM
  • I am a bit of a laptop novice, I have used many friend's macs over the last 10 years and a few pcs and I really love the macs os and design. I am now looking to buy a top end laptop for graphic work and some 3d work and have waited for the c2d mbp …
  • This is an isolated experience but I recently bought a refurb black macbook and it came with all sorts of minor, cosmetic problems, dead pixels, faulty seal as well as an almost completely useless superdrive which wouldn't read any even slightly mar…