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  • Filed in Marshall, TX? Good, I can literally ride my bicycle (save gas) over there & slap them.
  • Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but Logic is for professional recording, and Soundtrack is more for fine tuning your audio tracks (mostly used along side Final Cut). If you're talking about doing film stuff, I can assure you that Sou…
  • So by lighting a match, is it safe to say that I am killing an infinite number of civilizations? Light it up & watch that mother burn...
  • Quote: Originally Posted by jdcfsu As some of you know I recently switched back to Mac for the first time since the Mac Classic days. I have been eyeing the iMac for a very long time and decided to make the switch when the 24" was released. I'…
  • I'm not much help, but it looks like no one else is going to reply to your question. I suppose my first thought would be to reconnect the cracked screen, see if it actually works (I'm assuming it worked, just didn't display well). If it appears to g…
  • Your guitar is probably sending out a mono signal. If not, I'm not sure why it's doing that. But I can tell you that if you look at the track info panel on the right, and then down at the bottom where it says "Input" it should say "Channel 1 & 2…
  • Do you have an apple store near you? You may wanna bring it in to them & see what they think...I don't notice any similar issue with my mbp.
  • OK, good. I've only been using OS10 for 2 weeks now. I figured by the lack of a drop in performance it was probably ok, but I'm so used to Windows where every application running in the background means a 10% loss in speed.
  • Basically it boils down to, a 13 year old could successfully make a virus for Windows. That's not an overstatement, when I was 13 I knew how to bring Windows down & I was one of those wannabe programmers that hung out in AOL chat rooms. The kind…
  • Even on Linux I've always had very mixed results using Crossover or any other form of Wine emulation. I really don't see it ever being any better than it is unless Microsoft or some other large corporation jumps on the bandwagon. With service packs,…
  • I'm feeling very good about the cooling issue. Hate to go off topic much, but I love that Apple can upgrade an operating system & actually make your computer run better, instead of upgrading the OS and saying "Go buy a new machine, yours sucks a…