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  • My German's pretty rusty, but I gather that: - new MBP models could ship next week - at this point (mid lifecycle), it will probably get a C2D upgrade, but firewire 800 on all models, better graphics, larger had disks and faster DVD burners will p…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by salaryman For what it's worth amazon.co.uk is out of stock on 2.16Ghz MBPs (1 - 2 weeks delivery) and has "only 5 left" of the 2.0GHz model. On the Apple UK store there is a 3 day shipping time for the standard models.…
  • hey, nice tip. I called up the Apple retail store on Regent St (london) to check if they had MBP's in stock on Friday - he said that they did, and that stocks were actually quite excellent. A bit of a bummer - I was hoping they'd say they were s…
  • someone reported the Ipod deal had been extended in Denmark (or switzerland...cant remember) too. perhaps its just a european thing
  • I visited an apple reseller last week, they said a similar thing...very low stock, no indication from apple of when they can expect more. in their words, behaviour consistent with imminent release. however, i note that the Apple online UK store …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by fongyuen thanks for the info aaron, its still better than nothing...like a vision of an oasis for a man thirsting for the new mbp's... yeah bro, tell me about it!!! the only thing that gets me through is that i kn…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by T'hain Esh Kelch Why did you have to open a new thread for this? Its not like it is new information... its not solid, its kinda new - there's plenty of speculation about it floating around...it was nice to have the s…