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  • [quote]Originally posted by Macintosh: I have a Cube though? Why the heck cant iDVD work with a third party burner? i've asked around about this before because i want to get my dad (with a cube) an external dvd burner. my little bro still livin…
  • if you're buying an external dvd-r drive, keep in mind that iDVD doesn't support them (yet? come on apple...). you'd need to use iDVD Studio Pro ($1000). or, you could buy an internal dvr-ao3 for $415 and stick it in your tower in place of whate…
  • [quote]Originally posted by MacAgent: I too would like to know the same. Does anyone know anything about Liquid Web (
  • with photoshop for os x out now we're due for another damn bake-off. photoshop is great and all, and the release for os x is a big deal, but enough is enough!
  • or check out can combine icons. forget who makes it, but xicons has a link on the software page. it lets you take a folder and an other icon and mash them together in all sorts of cool and interesting ways. works well and only cost $5. i'm p…
  • yeah, i wanted a low end laser too, but it just didn't fit the budget. ink jets are cheap and fairly good these days. just don't buy the low end ink jet. you're better off buying a majic marker and some newspapsers! second teir ink jets like t…
  • just bought an epson c80. it's great. still pissed they wouldn't make a driver for my old epson stylus photo 700 tho! there's currently a $30 rebate on the c80...
  • the extra bus speed is probably more important than the 2x processor speed. go for the 867 as long as it's in your price range. i have the 400 and it's nice, but starting to show it's age already. that being said, there's nothing i can't do on it…
  • I'm really not expecting any 970 machines until at least fall, and more realistically next january. i'm not patient enough to wait that long either. i'm thinking dual 1.4's with a 200 Mhz bus, hopefully soon. but it's hard to guage since it may …
  • the g5 won't debut until january 2003 at mwsf. you can quote me on that. rather than denying yourself all that time as you wait for a marginally faster machine, that might have lots o bugs like any brand new apple machine, you might as well get …
  • there is no way in hell you will see a 17" lcd imac at macworld tokyo, wwdc, or mwny 2002. you can quote me on that. in fact i would be surprised to see one before 2nd quarter of 2003.