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  • From a lot of the comments, it seems that the majority of the users here are teens, maybe even tweens! I am not a fan of people talking about things they clearly have no idea about. By all means, before you post another comment about this, READ T…
  • a lot of the time, windows crashes when I am doing intensive stuff.. for instance, running matlab in a (accidental) non terminating loop and running other programs.. then trying to close it.. It seems that systems "crash" for 2 reasons.. 1)peopl…
  • whoa partner.. i think there are some things to consider before you take the plunge.. What are you going to use this for, a laptop or a desktop or both? I would suggest this: a Macbook, upgrade to 2gb ram.. goto or something and ge…
  • my desktop computer for one.. my only complaint is the intergration of it all.. It seems to be marketed towards younger people with lots of money (or who have parents with lots of money) If I got a phone for business, I wouldnt need mp3, m…
  • I dont own a mac, yet. I built my last(current) computer about 3 years ago. I run AdAware every few times I turn it on. Dont open emails from anyone I dont know (and they are virus scanned through gmail). Run norton? virus scan (I got through Tex…
  • Well, student discount is 100$ bringing it down to $1,199. Also, I figure if I need a bigger hard drive I can get a 7200rpm one and use the original as a external backup. I dont need too much space though as using a mac I will finally have actual…
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