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  • Yes of course they are and those not realistically going to change. If these rainforests were well manage and looked after they will last longer. You wont stop people from using wood in huge quantities but the way in which it is replaced is what m…
  • According to an article on the BBC site Wireless Energy is beginning to take off. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/6725955.stm It also has a name WiTricity, pretty cool concept when they make it safe
  • What about a 23 year old making so much money from 1 website?
  • These 2 sites look useful: www.poweroverwireless.com www.poweroverethernet.com
  • Thats pretty cool, is there any other information? Such as dates as to when this technology might come out or any similiar patents by Apple?
  • Its interesting to see so many different views, I think if this technology is supported and developed it could be used accross all sorts of applications. I dont know how the system MIT developed, apparently both Microsoft and Sun are developing U…
  • I have been forwarded a cool link to a documentary about Tesla if anyone wants to watch it. http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...017149&q=tesla
  • I find it odd that Tesla developed the principal of transfering electricity through the air over 70 years ago but its only recent years that other scientists have started to develop it. MIT University have developed a coil to transfer power to a la…
  • Yeah, I think its a great technology. If its supported and developed it could be used to develop everything from nano-technology through to renewable energy in distaster zones. Ive this cool floating turbine, which spinds around and transfers elec…
  • I was thinking of the sort which charges cell phones and laptops lol. I've heard Japan University has developed a pad which is able to safely transfer electricity to receivers. If this technology is supported and developed it could be used across …