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  • Quote: Originally Posted by dstranathan OK, So I just realized I have a weird message on my iPhone, just below the clock (on the wallpaper-covered "slide to unlock" screen) - it also appears under the time on the green "charging" screen. It s…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by kupan787 I am there with you. I have an extra $50 on my bill from the prorated 5 days (minutes and data), and my activation fee ($36). But it all makes sense and is understandable. Just a bit of sticker shock. I gue…
  • Just another quirk, I have an old firewire ipod charger for my car, today I tried to charge my iPhone. After 2 hours there was no charge on the phone even though it showed it was chargeing, but when I turned my phone off in about an hour it was full…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by dstranathan So now I have cancelled my phone with T-Mobile and my wife remains on T-Mobile for now. Mission accomplished. Sort of. That right there is probably your problem. You are supposed to port your number bef…
  • I upgrade much like you. I buy something and then wait for it to get slow and cumbersome, then upgrade. My current computer is about 4 yrs old, and soon I will get getting a new iMac.
  • OK, I have a question too. When my husband finishes the paint and drywall in the room where the computer lives I will be buying my first Mac ever! WooHoo! Anyway I figure he will be done close to the leopard release (I love him, but he's slow) so…
  • Since I'm going to be a new mac user soon, I'm waiting for leopard and may wait for new hardware. Depends on how patient I can be, but right now my POS computer is working, so waiting is barely tolerable.