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  • well that is what I read somewhere on the net, but I thinkt AppleTV has a Front Row version inside. Try using Front Row first, anyway with Divx codecs I am not so sure, when I said "if the movie can play in quicktime" I meant native codecs or extens…
  • 1) I think that you can sync your Apple TV list with one computer (using Apple TV hardrive), for other iTunes list you can stream those via ethernet or wireless network. 2) If the movie can play in Quicktime (.mov, .mpeg4, etc.) you shouln't have a…
  • A touch screen display will be very bad ergonomics for normal computer use. I don't see it happens
  • I agree with addabox, Apple will change names when the architecture behind their products are very different
  • VLC CAN BE use it to watch any region code dvd. I use VLC with my iBook G4 800 Mhz and my iMac G5 with no problems with zone 1 and zone 4 dvds. Just try ir. You don't need to flash your drive.
  • I have THE SAME feelings! I used to love the mac mini, now I hated, just because of the video issue!! Please Apple don't do the same to the iBooks!!!!
  • No iPod Hi-FI for me
  • I was waiting to buy a new mac mini, I really was but the integrated video card killed me. I would never buy one of these. My only hope that they will not make the same mistakes with the "low end" iBooks
  • Go to an Apple Reseller or Apple Store, you have to pay for the service but the AppleCare stays intact
  • Nobody knows, except for Jobs and cia...
  • Quote: The new mini is coming... right after the intro of the new cube. but the cube was a failure and the mini a success. The nano is a success too but I still like my mini, just my opinion
  • If we are going to see intel only machines I think it will be 3 years from now and only with few powerfull apps. Take the migration of the PowerPc Macs from 68k
  • I think the mini just have very loyal customer and it was a mistake to drop it. I believe if Apple re introduce a mini with few upgrades it could have a good product with better margins than the current generation of iPods
  • Quote: Making a Intel only build is as easy as a UB build. But there's really no reason to go with a Intel only build, except if you REALLY want to save some space. And thats not worth it in most cases IMO. Agree. There is no reason for develope…
  • I think of the bad RSS use from Apple as the bad use of the web (ActiveX anyone?) from Microsoft. I think that Apple has a lot of buggy software. I used to be a mac user who always patch his computer as soon Apple post an update, now I wait. I had a…
  • I was thinking of buying a nano but I don't know if the scratch problem is true or not. It's really that bad?
  • This is like when I bought my 6100/60 Power Mac,it was the first generation and a lot of software wasn't ready for it. I thought that waiting for the apps would be ok, but i was wrong, by the time the importants apps were ported a lot of new/cheap m…
  • I love my iPod mini, my sister has a regular white iPod but she wants to use mine all the time because of the size. I would like to see the iPod mini back with a color screen
  • I would buy the iBook G4, intel iBooks will not be ready before June andnobody knows when the pro apps or games will be ported to Universal binaries, so if you buy the iBook now you can use all the software available without a problem
  • I agree on Picasa, is very fast and clean. Don´t get me wrong I like iPhoto, is very userfriendly but is slow and freeze a lot and i have an iMac G5!!!! Apple should learn from some google apps!