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  • Well it turns out it doesn't work anyway. I had the settings turned on for connected servers to show up turned on, and they have not been. Here's what I've been doing: When I hook into the LAN, I simply use the Finder and go through Network/, and…
  • Hey... sounds like a great idea! Thanks! Yeah I never use my desktop for anything either except temp items. I hate seeing windows users with eight thousand icons (mostly shortcuts) on the desktop arranged around some stupid picture in the middle.…
  • yeah, but on a network of hundreds of computers, I can't keep track of who I've connected to, so it would take forever to go through and disconnect them all
  • C'mon, doesn't anyone else have this problem??
  • Exactly. Apple has taken the "enduser" problem out of the loop. If you are trying to hack into someone's mac you're going to run into permission problems a dozen times before you get the job done.
  • I recently walked into a Bang & Olufsen store and tried out their headphones. I must say that these were the most comfortable earbud-like headphones I've ever hried, and the sound was unbelievable! I couldn't believe my ears, and it felt like t…
  • Quote: Originally posted by LoCash So don't get all excited and think that this guy's logic is wrong. Sure, it's a huge Microsoft problem currently for a number of reasons, one of which happens to be that their software is installed on the majori…
  • Well, notice I said Mac OS X... there are about 73 (I think) for Mac OS 9, but out of 71,000, that's not bad. Remember though, that all but 12 of those are for Microsoft Office macros!
  • It kills me that the people who are in charge of these companies think this way. This guy is the surgeon general of TruSecure. Isn't that the kind of person that should know this sort of factual information? I wonder how much M$ put into the brai…
  • but then every time I don't touch it for one minute it'll shut off... that's no good. Someone should make some software for this... it shouldn't be that difficult
  • [quote]Originally posted by kim kap sol: Someone on MacNN posted a Extras.rsrc theme file with the new Aqua look...give it a try, it's nice...really! Where is that? Can you give me a link? :cool:
  • [quote]Originally posted by Michael Fischer: The iPod -- cute, but overwhelmingly shortsighted, in my opinion. (Note: I bought three as gifts for family and friends. Why spend $400 to browse ONLY AUDIO data? --MF You are seriously uninformed.…