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  • Kernel locking means that if CPU 0 is running in the kernel, then CPU 1 can't also do that. Since OS X runs on duals, the answer is yes What FreeBSD is doing is removing the Giant lock - one lock for the entire kernel - and replacing it with sev…
  • I have a background fairly similar to yours, and I found Cocoa a lot easier to get going with. Learning Objective-C is a snap. In fact, it works like this: You have an object myObject with a method myMethod. Calling that method is done by poin…
  • [quote]Originally posted by Stefan: I think it would be a good idea too. Darwin 1.4.1 includes XFree in the installation on the x86 version (not sure on PowerPC). On the x86 system XFree runs quick too That's because there's no Quartz to …
  • [quote]Originally posted by DanMacMan: WTF! Still no Rage Pro OpenGL drivers? No, but full QuickTime and 2D-acceleration this time. I doubt OpenGL is coming.
  • Do a uname -a on the Terminal - it says the xnu branch in there somewhere.
  • [quote]Originally posted by starfleetX: I wish Apple would officially support the 603 and 604 processors like they original claimed OSX would, but I'm not holding my breath. Here's hoping XPostFacto will eventually work properly on my 8600/250. …
  • The $30 for the QT6 upgrade is to cover MPEG4 licences and because it's an updgrade well worth those dollars (IMHO) The extra $20 for the MPEG2 is to cover the licences for that decoder. The point is that the MPEG2 prices have no caps (MPEG4 is c…
  • Does anyone actually believe it's real? No, I didn't think so. It looks cool though.
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  • [quote]Originally posted by Programmer: No current G4s support the 128-bit MPX variant. They don't have the pins for it. This isn't a better solution than DDR because it is a lot more expensive to run all those extra traces across the motherboard…
  • [quote]Originally posted by Junkyard Dawg: Actually, Apple hoards all of the uber-clocked G4s and installs them in the OS X Team's Powermacs. That's why OS X seems fine to the Apple engineers, because they are running it on 1.4-1.8 GHz dual G4 Pow…
  • On the subject of functional units: You do realize that the P4 has one FPU as well, don't you? It's also worth noting that the x87 is just about the worst FPU on the market.
  • [quote]Originally posted by gumby5647: In defense of the G4 and Motorola.... Yes, the G4 did get off to a rocky and slow start. But then again, put yourself in Moto's shoes. You have this chip thats only being used in one quarter of Appl…