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  • Quote: Originally Posted by auslander My 2.4 MBP runs pretty warm. I keep it on an iCurve and the underneath of it is almost too hot to touch, even with 6" of ventilation under it. It isn't the height of the MBP from the table. Its whether the…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by looksthatkill I think the next set of specs will be 13.3 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz (SILVER) 1GB RAM X3100 graphics 100GB 13.3 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz (SILVER) 1GB RAM X3100 graphics 120GB 13.3 Intel Core 2…
  • Great news. But glad your love for Macs have not gone. Every factory produces faulty products ONCE IN A WHILE. so it had to be you. haha. Have fun with it!
  • Quote: Originally Posted by southerndoc I would even settle for the current 13" form factor if it were offered with an aluminum shell and non-glossy display. It's hard to use a glossy display with all the glare when you're in the glaring sun in A…
  • can i side track a little? Do you think there is any possibility that Macbooks will be refreshed with an aluminium touch? I mean consider the new iMacs, new iPods. And remember SJ said he wants to be more environmentally friendly when it comes…
  • glad everything worked for you. update us if you have any questions or problems.
  • woooo~ But think about it, heat issues might be a huge stumbling block to adding this to MBP now. Is it just me? or is a lot of MBPs having heat issues? (2.4gHz in particular), hardly any on 2.2? It might take Apple some time to solve their…
  • hey guys, been an avid reader of aInsider forums. Read the last line of this article on MBPs. 9-5Mac has proved itself worthy of some rumours. So you might wana broaden up and consider Jan releases of NEW MBPs. not just revised ones. I'm just com…