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  • I'm not sure whether this is significant or not, but there's currently an interesting difference between the US and UK online Apple Stores in their Clearance Items section: US Store - Select "Clearance" (found at the bottom-left hand side of the …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Underhill Hopefully O2 will see the long term picture and keep the iPhone price down on pay-as-you-go plans. One rumour is that the Pay & Go price will be more than £99 but less than £200, and O2 staff may kn…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by JakeTheRock Fake. Steve Jobs writes his own keynotes. He would not pass them around the company. Most likely, very few peopel other then him see the keynote before it is presented. Also likely is the prospect of c…
  • It all seemed very plausible until the new MacBooks were mentioned: - DVD drive pops open on side when eject button is pressed Apple wouldn't go back to what sounds like a tray-loading drive UNLESS it intends to offer a Blu-Ray drive option an…
  • My predictions: iPhone 1.1.3 Software Announcement of 3G iPhone (3G only; no GSM or EDGE support in order to conserve battery life) pending FCC approval iTunes Movie Rentals Redesigned laptop range - Aluminium casing, 13.3", 15" and 17" LED-backlit …
  • I quite liked that Spectrum keyboard even though I never owned one, although the new Apple keyboard flat keys are much nicer to use and they don't wobble
  • My guess for the Paris Expo: iPhone European launch announcement. Leopard final release date announcement. Aluminium and black MacBooks - Very slightly smaller than the current MacBook, and with few other changes except a speed bump and per…
  • As mentioned similarly on AppleNova, the new wireless keyboard that can be ordered with an iMac isn't available yet and if you add such a keyboard to an iMac order, the lead time jumps to at least 2 weeks. The Paris Apple Expo coincidentally starts …