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  • Quote: Originally Posted by dacloo Have you even looked at ActionScript 3, being much much much faster and feature rich than old Director? Flash is pretty much better in everything nowadays. Yes, Director may control your desktop more (since it i…
  • No flash is the baby brother to Director. Flash is much less powerful, much harder to control elements, much harder to edit. It's a shame that flash isn't part of director but why sell 1 product when you can sell 2. (maybe I am a little bia…
  • Once the package starts moving, they really do move. 2 hrs 50 mins after landing in the UK it is out on a truck for delivery pretty slick operation j.
  • Mine turned up this morning (UK), sat here at work waiting to open it at lunch. j.
  • all my tracking numbers have now been posted, and it can be tracked on the TNT site. Looks like a regular 7 days from china ship now. j.
  • I just got the email that mine has shipped (to the UK) still estimated delivery as the 4th or 5th j.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by DenverKirrane Can anyone who has ordered in the UK please post if they have had there order updated. Its a bit annoying when all the US customers are getting theirs and we are not!! I'm in the UK and my order has be…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Duddits Strawberry shortcake was originally introduced without whipped cream, but soon evolved to include the aerated dairy topping. (And yes, in many parts of the world, strawberry shortcake is considered a gadget…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by lirand I too think that it used to work "live" through the Nano and stopped doing so... anyone has something concrete to explain to us? I agree i KNOW it used to work live, just can't prove it j.
  • Turn it off, cool it down (12 hrs or air conditioning in 10 min) and reboot with the trackpad button held down. Happens about every 2 months to me with my macbook pro and with no manual eject (paperclip tick) to fall back on this is a real f***k …
  • I seem to remember a few years back (multi colour apple logo) that an Icelandic 4X4 car had apple sponsorship. the crazy powerful ones that can drive on water. Other than that i can't remember ever seeing apple sponsor anything (product placement…
  • I'm Sparticus !!!!! oh sorry wrong thread (bows head and wanders off to the IMDB ) j.
  • So he created a worm for OSX and tells everyone about it, but won't tell Apple or release the worm into the wild. Sounds like the same people who have cloned a human but won't produce the clone or tell anyone anything about it. If he could do …
  • any stills for me to see (to far from applestore to go take a look) i'm just interested. and it bumped the thread j.
  • Can we get some real pictures as a comparison ? j.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Bageljoey Best. Thread. Ever. Now I'm offended, I have started much better threads than this (sorry i jut wanted an excuse to use the smilie) j.
  • I sometimes have the same problem with my macbook Pro. I shut down the macbook, take everything else off the wireless network than restart it (with security on) and all is usually fine. Once it makes a connection once is is ok until the security …
  • How many times... Apple is a HARDWARE company that writes software for its HARDWARE. Because it makes the HARDWARE it can make the software work seamlessly with the HARDWARE that it makes. (iTunes excepted) j.
  • This does not answer your question but I recently had a LACIE drive that would not mount, it just stopped working. They replaced it no problem. I could be that the drive is faulty, try it on anoter mac just to be sure.
  • Am I missing something or is it just an iPod with wireless networking and built in outputs ? It acts like an iPod in itunes you load it like an iPod from your iTunes etc. apart from the HD output and remote control screen based gui what advant…