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  • I've been on hold with AT&T for 36 minutes 05 seconds because they don't know how to take the monthly discount I get for my job off. I get a whopping $1.90 off every month. I've already talked with 3 people and they all put me on hold.....
  • Quote: Originally Posted by RaZZo You only upgrade to 1.1.1 if you want. Install last version, it will propt you to the update that you can refuse Thanks !
  • Quote: Originally Posted by shetline Your current SIM card simply won't work in an iPhone. I've managed to use my iPhone's SIM card in two other unlocked phones so far, but that doesn't work vice-versa. The iPhone will only recognize and lock wit…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Taskiss The owner of a phone has the right to enter into contract with any carrier for service. Overcoming the technical limitations isn't illegal, merely difficult. The phone manufacturer isn't obligated to provide a …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Akac You could just do a pre-paid plan - its month by month. No contract. Check Google for info how. I did a Google search but everything I found says it's all rumors. Do you have a site that says it's available ?
  • Great, this forum works just like the other ones I participate in (feuds bleed over into other threads). Well it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. lol Anyway, thanks for the replies up to now. Anyone know why people pay so much on EBay when they can …
  • I'm glad I came here before I bought in on EBay. Over there EVERYBODY I have asked that sells IPhones has told me that I can just add my SIM card and it will work. If I have to activate it anyway, why are people buying the phone for $500 and $600 wh…