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  • Kasper you noob you made me come out of retirement to debunk your BS. I have bugs to fix and no time to spend cleaning up your trash. Quote: One of the rumored features is said to be OS-level integration of a geographical mapping technology, si…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Masa_de Why Intel - and not AMD? Although faster, AMD's cpus are more expensive and AMD doesn't seem to have the volume that Intel has. Also I bet that Intel cut Apple a sweet deal for them to use Intel over AMD. …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Aquatic I freakin hate this preoccupation with thin PowerBooks!!! Either make one thicker, or perhaps split the line, or something. A slightly thicker PB G5 is a heeell of a lot better than a thin one that has 1/5 th…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Rhumgod You're joking right? Why? Well, Freescale and IBM produce PowerPC chips and all code is compiled for that line. In order to have both PowerPC and x86 chip lines in their products, they would have to maintain…
  • For crying out loud, when people say that Apple is going to go with x86, they just demonstrate their own ignorance. When market analysts say stuff like this, they should be hung by their arms and whipped as examples to other would be moronic analys…
  • Quote: Originally posted by hmurchison 802.11n- This needs to come asap but it's looking like late 2006 before the final spec is ratified. There are plenty of Pre-N or other half-baked solutions out now. I just want the unified format. I hope App…
  • Quote: Originally posted by nowayout11 Decent update. The graphics and RAM are what they should have lauched the iMac G5 with. But the other stuff is bonus. Not much to BTO here. Looking at the Apple store, I was struck by how little there wa…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Rhumgod 970gx was the low-power version supposedly for PowerBooks. WWDC = PowerBook G5??? WWDC would more likely mean announced powerbooks, to be shipping in a month or two.