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  • Quote: Originally posted by digitaldave I'm just interested to know how it all fits together, i.e. one large database, or several separate but linked ones? Answer: Siracusa's Tiger Review: Page 9
  • umm.. How do you select those "dots" for labels? I don't think the current menu manager can even do a horizontal layout like that, and there would be no reason to make a new manager just for the Finder ( mainly becuase that interface makes no s…
  • Cute commercial. Didn't see the entire thing because I had to be geeky and try to get the first post Seemed like a person outside looking into a (Apple Store?) window at a new iMac. Making faces jumping around, with the iMac doing the same bac…
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  • [quote] But there's still a problem. There is no "window". See my screenshot. I had the same problem. You just need to run Quartz window manager with % quartz-wm make sure /usr/X11R6/bin/ is in your path. If you do a custom install you c…
    in X11 Comment by woudstock January 2003
  • Simple Question: Can you drag a file into a subfolder of a folder on the dock. That is, does spring loaded folders work on the dock also? Thank you Oh, and can you adjust that huge grid size in the finder that Apple seems to like so much…
  • well, I didn't notice the lack of window shadow, but the fact that the pdf icon is opaque and you can't see the yellow highlighting behind it gives it away. Also, Green? on Aqua? Who knows. It's something pretty to look at for the next 2 days.…
  • [quote] I'm not MWNY (actually at a resort on the Izu peninsula in Japan where the owner let me tap into his broadband to watch the keynote) so I haven't played with the new iMacs. Are they running 10.1.5 or 10.2? Since you mention the slow GUI you…
  • Not to intrude on this thread but I have a similar question: What about the difference between a 600 Mhz iBook with 640 Mb of RAM and a 550 MHz Powerbook with 256 Mb of RAM? Noticeable difference in OS X? Is RAM or the G4 a more important fa…
  • 1. Jobs "A rumor is not a rumor that doesn't die" [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: woudstock ]