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  • Iphoto stores in a database, the iphoto library, all photos, one file. It's part of your user home folder, so it backs up seamlessly with time machine. The database configuration is why you can't play with the files individually. Iphoto doesn't poi…
  • Right now, everyone is heading over to Qtrax. That traffic will show the labels this model might be viable. It's a cowboy way to get their attention, but it just might work. It caught them all on a busy day while they're watching the spectrum auctio…
  • The apple recommended cleaning works best. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=302417 I tried taking it apart, but that is ridiculously silly and besides, you have to glue it back together. Only thing, you have to do it for a long ti…
  • I'm not an expert, but I have had similar things happen all the time. Ask them if they are selecting to "attach" the document or "insert" the document. They should "attach". In Outlook, "insert" puts it on the preview pane IF you are using Outlook…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by MacWhore What's do you guys think the chances of Apple introducing the iPhone 2, obviously with 3G, but also with iChat AV capabilities that will allow mobile video conferencing??? I REALLY want this and I think that i…
  • If you can get your contacts into (windows) outlook, outlook express or (mac) entourage, or address book, the rest will be easy when syncing in itunes. Maybe your BB allows export or syncing to one of these.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by JeffMonty I tried using a mousepad, along with other surfaces such as a paper towel and regular towel, but they haven't helped. I'm using the mouse on a regular wood desk and it still isn't working. I'm looking in t…