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  • I bought one on Amazon very inexpensive (Under $8), but well built and does what I want.  It's only issue is it doesn't have the watch sit in nightstand mode because it's upright.  You just use your normal charger and pop it in to the slot and you'r…
  • If you install without formatting, the data should stay intact. System directories may reset, but your user created folders should be fine.
  • Have you verified that the disc is ok?
  • I have a Black Macbook 2 ghz Core 2 Duo with 2gb of RAM. It runs fine, but this system is a web browsing and email system, and iTunes. The only games it plays is my wife playing solitaire. It really just depends on what your wanting to do on th…
    in Lion os Comment by cyko95 December 2011
  • Wifi is not that big of problem and it will be fixed over an update. The overheating issue is due from people leaving it in direct sun light at hot temps for long periods. I have had mine out in the sun in normal use for me and no issues at all.
  • If i remember correctly the iBook catalog is roughly 30,000 and the Kindle is over 300,000. Keep in mind you can download the Kindle, and soon the Barnes & Noble, app. Which gives you access to those catalogs directly from the iPad.
  • Come on, 40 views and not person has sent a MMS text? Help a guy out.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by SpinDrift No, not yet. Anyone had any luck with this? Here is the direct link to the course. Click HERE 745mb download I think.
  • The iPhone hasn't been insurable on this type of State Farm Policy since the price dropped a couple months after it came out. It was well below the threshold of the minimum value they allow. Quote: Originally Posted by Twoofakind314 The only …
  • Any luck?
  • I'm not sure if it's the same issue or not, but I have a black Macbook that started losing it's wifi connection recently as well. I ended up going into the network settings and just manually filling in the IP info. It's been working without proble…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by eve-gold Character encoding, and ? Ummm...what?
  • No offense F1Turbo, but all the web based chat apps suck compared to the actual apps you can get in the app store. Palringo or IM+ will work with all the major services. Palringo is free, but can be a bit clunky at times and IM+ is better but cost…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by edhayes When I use the software updater on my mac the bar goes maybe over to about 10% complete and then stops dead. I added a new identity and gave admin rights to this identity and it works fine. Does anyone have a…
  • iPod Safari (On the Go Surfing, or too lazy to get off the couch surfing) Mail (I use this the most of anything) Maps (Use this a lot for my job) Camera (Constantly taking pictures of my kids) Photos (Relates to the camera) Clock (This is my a…
  • Have you tried booting to safemode? After you choose to boot to windows, tap the F8 key periodically until the option to start in safe mode appears. At that point you might at least be able to back up the Quickbooks Data. Quote: Originally Post…
  • What about just using something like VNC to remote into the other system? Would that be an option?
  • Have you tried using the Boot Camp Assistant again?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by aawordy Hi everyone - I was on a flight home and the schmuck next to me spilled his drink on my macbook. At the time it worked fine. I cleaned up the spill, and put it in my bag. The next day, the macbook wouldn't tu…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Dogcow Between AppleCare, Home or Renters insurance, and any CC insurance you might have what extra protection would this provide? Applecare is for factory defects and tech support, Home/Renters Insurance cover a bl…