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  • I seriosly think we will see Apple shy away from folding/hinging anything, due to several factors. It ads yet another piece to break. Another problem is that there will have to be some sort of racheting mechanism, look at laptops, the angle of their…
  • http://www.engadget.com/2008/03/28/a...to-the-iphone/ What do you guys think? Does this lend itself to tablet speculation? :P
  • Good points there Hobbit. I definitely see how it would be an issue for a lot of people. Personally My pockets can fit a dvd sized case, and I also have cargo pants or a bag i could use, so the size works for me. But people with smaller pants, and t…
  • Yes, I see a phone that large being difficult to sell. I do however see a umpc of that size doing quite well with people who want some productivity without the size of a laptop. I know a laptop is good for several things, but it would be nice to hav…
  • I guess what it comes to here is whats perfect for who... If you surf/read/watch/write regularly, or want to; DVD case sized pad it is. If you want some of it and you want it in you pocket iPhone/iPod touch it is. It seems the power user/frequent us…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by NOFEER what about iphone + separate BT foldup keyboard( they had those for the treo and palm. if all apps could go landscape then why get anything bigger?? While I think a seperate BT keyboard etc. would be great a…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Olternaut I agree with everything except the stylus. I guess you've never used the igesture pad from fingerworks which Steve's tech is based. The stylus still wouldn't be needed even for finely detailed work. The …
  • Thanks for the great reply. From what I see with the current iPhone something around the size of a DVD case could give a slight typing improvement, higher visibility ( no need to hunch in for a closer look) and higher info density ( less need for sc…