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  • Quote: Originally Posted by Cam'ron Anyone know how to set this up? I created my free @me.com email address on my iPhone, it works fine. I can send from Mail but receive is not working at all. Anyone know how we are supposed to set this up? iClou…
  • I just sold my old Apple TV in prep for new model. However, I note there are no audio output jacks on the new model. How do I get my iTunes music to play on my audio system? I use to take the audio output and plug it into my preamp/processor>
  • I noted a small yellow-brown blotch on the screen after about 1/2 hr use on the day I bought the phone. I returned it to the store and they gave me a new one- no questions asked.
  • I have a leather case by Sena- a bit pricey but it is elegant and can easily be opened by one hand. The cover is held in place magnetically so it can be simply flipped by you thumb. All ports and controls are accessible without removing the phone fr…
  • There are 3 Apple stores within 10 miles of my home in northern NJ. None have had the iphone in stock since 7/11. The website erroneously states they have daily shipments. When I am able to phone the store (it is rare that you get a human response) …
  • All AT&T stores and the 3 Apple Stores within reasonable distance of my home in Bergen Co., NJ are sold out as of Saturday morning. With the experience of last year's rollout, am I too critical to expect that Apple and AT&T could have antici…
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