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  • Quote: Originally Posted by houseley You could export your presentation from KN as a quicktime movie and it will act just as a regular presentation. You just need to check that the PC has Quicktime for Windows installed. That would be nice but…
  • All I can say is I am really pissed off. This must be a joke. We're in 2009 and we still have that incredibly outdated mini with 1,83ghz for 499€?? (I'm Italian) Come on! I can buy a desktop PC with monitor included that can burn it. I'…
  • I bought my CTO MacBook Pro 2,4 ghz on Nov 21 and I have tested it with prey and Far Cry, both at very high settings and the maximum i got was 80°C from the cpu. Haven't had problems yet.
  • About the gloss screen. You will notice it only when it's off or when certain condition occurs (certain type of light and position) but in any case you will notice it only if you are really thinking about it. I work in Webdesign, Gamedesign and Vide…
  • Downloaded the Prey Demo and works nice (except it doesn't go widescreen but never mind). Many, many thanks again guys, you were right. Again this shows up that AI is one of the best mac communities online. I bought this MBP instead of an iMac f…
  • I'm buying today the new MBP 1G obv. If it comes with issues typical of a 1G relase will them be covered by the warranty right? So where is the problem?
  • I'll go with the MBP. Thanks for all your advices. I have just one more question. Is it easy to change the RAM on the new MBP? I saw videos and read something but they were all referring to the old MBP. Is it easy? Does it put an end to the warr…
  • My fear was to buy a machine that a couple of months lather (Macworld 2009) would be outdated. I mean, the iMac is already pretty outdated and I have the feeling of overpaying what I'm getting. If you say that in terms of performance there is an a…