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  • Quote: Originally Posted by hastyle Remember, Form Follows Function! Jesus if a macbooks made you look cooler and got you some action, then all the anti mac nerd wouldn't be at home overclocking & adding glow sticks to their pcs. I log…
  • Too much $$$ Quote: Originally Posted by SSquirrel 24" Cinema Display would be one stop shopping
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Marvin I would say get the 15" and a high resolution 24" external display. It will cost the same as getting a 17" but you get a more portable machine on the go and a larger screen when you are in your room for movies, …
  • Alright. I will take that into consideration. Thanks again! Other thoughts, anyone?
  • All of your points are more than valid (thank you so much!) but I can't help but feel like you are embellishing the size issue too much... Yes, what you're saying makes perfect sense, but lets look at the numbers: 15" = Width: 14.35 inches 17" …
  • Well, it DOES seem like we got almost all of what we wanted... and a little more too! Now I just don't know if I should wait for a post-WWDC refresh or not... The wait is killing me. I am set to buy a MBP any day now - I just need to make up my m…
  • Thanks for your reassurance everyone. I think what I am just going to have to do is dive into it without looking back - like entering a cold pool right away - I'll adjust to it.
  • As we all know, it is practically traditional for Apple to upgrade their notebook lines during the summertime (mostly shortly before / after WWDC). At least with the upgrade of the white macbooks, we know that they won't be deviating from their annu…
  • I think Apple's recent upgrade to the white MB is a telling sign of the future of the MBP (some obvious exceptions)
  • Quote: Originally Posted by greglo I don't know where you read that, but the 130M is only slightly (~17%) better than the 9600M. It's a good card, and I'm 99.99% certain Apple will put it in some new MBPs, but I don't think I'd call it super. …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Sybaritic I think Dave's right. The motherboard change won't come for another 6 to 9 months. A minor speed bump will be introduced in the meantime, though, almost as an afterthought. I think that sums it up pretty…