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  • at 401 & Kennedy there is a Compusmart within the Kennedy Commons plaza. Real nice Mac section
  • Quote: Originally posted by kim kap sol When Spotlight finally arrives, I can just throw everything in the Documents folder (I'll be nice and throw music in the Music folder and video in the Video folder...although file location really just does…
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  • Quote: Originally posted by Carol A You definitely should name your spider. Carol Boris the spider... get that song!
  • yes, Shania's a babe
  • The ability to sort files by kind or date modified/created in column view. Being able to mouse-over a window in exposé and cmd-w closing after which exposé remains in state.
  • Chinese Democracy - Guns N' Roses
  • Is Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie's Brains gonna to be there this year? If the're booked, you'll get to witness Les Claypool AND Buckethead on the same stage. Here's a video i dug up Bucket playing a decent little solo(by his standards) …
  • Amplitube has a guitar tuner. great piece of software
  • Quote: Originally posted by groverat A lot of people I have talked to are perplexed by Apple's "give me your info!" in the setup. I don't get it. Just lie. At my lab the PowerMacs are registered to Stevie Wonder, 231 Superstition Avenue or Fra…
  • Quote: Originally posted by MacUsers http://www.macmotion.de/modules.php?...&orderby=dateD man that... th... that's just the WORSSSST Apple commercial I've ever seen. E-V-E-R. But anyone remember the billboard ads from the mid 90s? The…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Akumulator Holy Jesus, that's the first I've seen of that icon... It's not too good. Why are they still using the same icon as the old operating systems? That sh*t's gotta go. Very true. The finder icon in the dock…
  • Quote: Originally posted by the cool gut Besides Windows and Office, Microsoft has yet to have a success at anything at this scale. Internet Explorer
  • It'll translate into greater market share if Apple could only produce a decent commercial. Did you see the iTunes Music Store ads? I clicked on the one with the kid and could only watch for 5 seconds. Just seeing the kid doing eminem made me cringe.…
  • Great servce all together but i searched for Guns N' Roses and their Live Era cd cost 19,98$. I previously bought it as a gift for my cousin for 15,99$ edit: No Red Hot Chili Peppers!?! WTF
  • crap, i can't remember the exact title of the app, but i know it can stream music from one comp to any on a network. I don't believe you have a selectable playlist on the receiving end though. edit: it's not the app i was looking for, but checkou…
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing. I can't wait to upgrade. on a side note, real nice web presentation on Apple's part.
  • I agree with Johnny Dangerously on most predictions: - Farewell to Mac OS 9. - Mac OS X transition update - Presentation on the Switch campaign - iPod sales @ new retailer recap. - iSync release & demo. - iMovie 3 - .Mac recap & new…