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  • There was also some documented cases where the CPU would emit some sort of whine on the earlier MacBook Pros. Is the sound coming from under either speaker? I've had both fans in my MacBook Pro replaced since I bought it 1.5 years ago. If the s…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Alonso Perez No. Don't worry about it. They just say that so that you don't run out of power in the middle of the firmware update. Ever since this update, I've been having issues where the computer shuts down sudden…
  • That's the most random spam I have ever seen on this forum. Fire in the hole!
  • Have they already updated the delta update on Software Update? I had waited (glad I did now!) and I'll wait until it's changed. I used to do these things right off the bat, but I became more cautious after the snafu that was 10.2.8. I started u…
  • I do this once a month. It's good to do it periodically just to keep the battery conditioned.
  • Quote: Originally posted by bryan.fury well, i have tried both otions and sent emails are stored in neither place. what i would really like to do is have them in Mail as well as on the server. For her IMAP account, does she have a "Sent" m…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Messiah If anybody knows the answer to this, I'd greatly appreciate it! How do I set up my AirPort base stations so that the name of the network doesn't appear in the drop down menu? I've checked that 'Create clo…
  • I don't think you can specify what the card connects to. If it's a "b" card it will connect to a "b" or "g" basestation, but only at 11 Mb/s. If it's a "g" card it will connect to a "b" basestation at 11 Mb/s (i.e. it switches to "b" mode). Only …
  • Maybe Apple should look into a magnetic, break-away ethernet connector, like the MacBook power cords. Hope your fix is an easy one!
  • Quote: Originally posted by Project2501 Stupid question, but doesn't Adium support yahoo? I don't use Yahoo my self, but Adium is excellent piece of software. I believe it only supports IM, but not chat rooms. Course I could be wrong.
  • Ahh...that would explain why Chit Chat stopped working for me this evening. Stupid Yahoo . Why the hell can't they just give us a halfway decent version of Messenger? just annoys me.
  • Quote: Originally posted by lundy Nope. True. The install disk only allows you to reset an account password (which is why you want to slap a password on the computer's firmware to prevent someone from doing so).
  • Quote: Originally posted by ruscat13 I do have my FileVault turned on, and when I tried to turn it off the other day, that's when I figured I didn't know the right Master Password. I do know my account pass though. I am totally fine now and have …
  • Quote: Originally posted by ruscat13 Well, sorry for my unawareness, but I really don't know the difference between the 3... or at list the last two. The thing is that I am new to Macs, and also not an ace in computers overall, but have some (tin…
  • I did a test rip of my copy of Fellowship of the RIng using Handbrake and it worked like gangbusters. Color me impressed! I don't have a video iPod, but it plays nicely on my comp.
  • When you say "Master Password" do you mean an Administrator pass, a FileVault Master Pass, or a firmware pass to prevent people from booting off other disks?
  • I would recommend using ssh rather than telnet. It's a more secure protocol and encrypts your password rather than sending it in the clear. I haven't used telnet to remote login in years.
  • I'd suspect it's the media. I bought the same burner myself and it's been working like a champ for me. I would look at Verbatim media, it has a very good reputation for reliability.
  • I've actually been having similar issues since I applied the v 6.3 firmware to my AirPort Express . My roommates can connect fine with their Windows laptops (various brands), but I lost my connection and have yet to get it back. I have an older Po…
  • The AirPort allows VPN pass-through...i.e. you can VPN from home into a business network. If you want to be able to VPN INTO your home network from outside, you need some sort of VPN router. The AirPort does not support this.