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  • Well Powerbooks have a DVI out and are slightly smaller. It is 50 dollars cheaper than the iBook. Anyways, if someone would like to make an offer I would be will to negotiate.
  • Apple Store is down in the U.S.
  • I have done it on both ends. It looks the same for iChat users and was very enjoyable. It stinks on AIM though. You get a little bitty window that you can't resize.... I am loosing heart with iChat though. When I come to school my iChat simply …
    in Chat AV Comment by teddy September 2004
  • There is a new deal on the Apple Store for PowerMacs... This could mean something. You get a PowerMac, Apple Monitor and AppleCare for $59 a month if I remember correctly.
  • I normally get about 3 months like they say... I leave mine on all the time too! I don't know if it goes to sleep when my computer is off or what but.... I love it. I guess I just like the way the one button mouse feels... Just my opinion. I pic…
  • I am so frustrated right now... I am at John Carroll University in Cleveland and my friend using a PC is at Michigan State. We have tried everything possible and this thing does not work... Very frustrating. I video chat with my parents mac to ma…
  • Its not a major university. It is a smaller school in Cleveland... All I know is the school is composed of about 95% Windows machines.
  • That software you mentioned doesn't work in Panther... I got the certificates installed and made an 802.11x connection in internet connect and it looked like it was finally going to happen until it gave me this message, "TLS can't be enabled bec…
  • I have the same problem on my 12" PowerBook... Lower left. I sent it in and they didn't fix it as they said they did... I am pretty pissed because they sent it back with a dead pixel and now they won't fix it!
  • What time does MWSF start Eastern Standard Time???
  • The Passion of Christ(Mel Gibson) Along Came Polly
  • Sorry I didn't specify. Yes I have trouble when I use the extension .doc
  • Was there opening night. 3 minutes from my college!!! Yayy!!!!
  • I will be at the Legacy Village Apple Store Grand Opening tomorrow night!!! Yayyyyy!!!!! It should be a fun time.
  • To answer your last question, " So to the best of your knowledge, there is no mechanism to over-rule the Pope or prevent him from declaring contraception ok?" To the best of my knowledge a pope has never said a teaching of the Church infallibaly …
  • Sorry I didn't understand what you meant by asking why it took so long for them to decide on it. I thought you were talking about why it wasn't stated right from the beginning Sorry. Anyways I am not sure why it took 8 years? That is a good ques…
  • Ah... You know the Pope is the Bishop of Rome. A Bishop is a priest. Peter was a Priest. All of the 12 Apostles were priest and still are in heaven. I guess I don't quite understand what you are saying....
  • Catholic Priest can be married just not in the Latin rite without a dispensation and that has nothing to do the papacy because celibacy is a practice of the Church and it can change. In the Eastern rites of the Catholic Church a lot of the priest a…
  • I guess I will start backwards. #3 The teaching has always been held by the Church and was never a big issue until contraception became widespread and accepted. Every other Christian denomination before 1930 condemned the practice of contracepti…
  • I agree with you 100 percent on that fact that we shouldn't seek our glory in this world. I wasn't trying to puff myself up I am just trying to explain my opinion on the matter. I don't understand your point about the Church being sinful..... Mayb…