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  • I think the 12 inch model also lacks the awesome backlit keyboard, no?
  • [quote]Originally posted by rok: ah, but if you are like me, who has been holding off FOREVER on buying a new mac or laptop, this is now the obvious "sign from heaven." :cool: Then...I salute your patience …
  • Interesting MacWorld. I think the New Powerbooks are cool, but am not going to loose sleep over just having a the 15.2" Ti Powerbook. Although, it seems that the new 54 Mbps wireless cards will not fit in the "old" powerbooks, and I find that so…
  • I have a question that maybe someone can answer for me. I am not particular fond of links that are underlined, and I have not found a way to turn this off in Safari. Can anyone tell me if I can accomplish this, along with the setting of colo…
    in Safari Comment by tisteve January 2003
  • [quote]Originally posted by EmAn: I never understood how anyone could like having the ports on the back. I would think it would be annoying plugging and unplugging things. Yeah, I guess I can see what a pain it would be having to actually have t…
  • The card that I have seen from Belkin is a PC card that will go in the PC card slot on the side of the Powerbook. I do not think that this card will be able to be put inside the Powerbook in place of the Airport card. And from what I have read, …
  • I must admit that I still prefer the look of the Ti case over the Al case....maybe it is the contrasts with the painted edges and the darker keyboard. The 17" inch PB tho is definately a better computer with the integrated Bluetooth, the FW2 ports,…
  • [quote]Originally posted by VanDeWaals: Hey...the 15" PB's WERE updated!!! DDR RAM!! Check out the Apple Store page. So are these new 15" PB's also using the new unpainted Al enclosure? The 15.2" Powerbooks were not changed at all and are us…