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  • Yes, my immediate thought when I heard the static was that it must be the cassette adaptor... but upon listening to it through headphones, it turned out to be the iPod itself.
  • My MDD G4 stays on whenever the power occasionally blinks out.
  • I really don't see the possibility of a "low cast Mac" on the horizon. Nor would I necesarilly want to. Macintosh computers have always primarily appealed to a certain niche market and Apple has specifically designed the hardware and the software …
  • I use a Mac (Dual 1.0GHz MDD) and it works absolutely flawlessly with the university's network. I can check my email, send attachments, access the research databases, surf the web, etc. Not a problem at all. All my research papers and the like ar…
  • Acquisition blows. It'd be a decent program if it could to more than 12 hubs at a time, and wasn't so slow in gathering up hosts. It was a usable program when it actually conencted to up to 20 and acquired A LOT of hosts for each one. Now I can't…
  • As far as getting around university firewalls go, you might look into something called "port tunneling". Basically, you take the limewire port (I don't know what it is), but tunnel all the data through the HTTP port (or anything else you know the u…
  • Turn on HTTP Pipelining in Chimera, and it will screech way past Safari, loading at least twice as fast in many instances. It's a lot snappier for me as well. With Safari, there's a significant lag while it loads each image. Not so with Chimera.…
    in Safari Comment by utmost January 2003
  • I've never really been exposed to any instances myself where I can definitively say, "wow, that PC runs circles around my Mac". A couple of my friends down the hall have 2.5GHz P4s and they don't seem at all faster than my dual 1GHz G4, aside from …
  • You guys really shouldn't be hyping up the 970 so much. I'd be suprised if it meets even half of the expectation level that's meted out here. I hope like hell that I'm wrong, but I can't percieve the 970 being any more than a modest competitor to …
  • You guys really shouldn't be hyping up the 970 so much. I'd be suprised if it meets half of the expecation level that's meted out here.
  • [quote]Originally posted by fryke: It is soooo strange how you Americans read and write dates the wrong way round... It's either 14.3. or 2003-03-14. Yeah. When I was a little kid, I was convinced that the traditional (or American) way of writi…
  • I would agree with you spooky. By the time of the 970's release, it will only be a very modest competitior in comparison to Intel and AMD's offerings.
  • I thought this might be an appropriate place to ask. I understand that the ATI 9700 is suited for 8X AGP, though still back-compatiable with 4X AGP. How would the lack of an 8X AGP port on the Mac hinder potential performance of the ATI 9700?