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  • ...well, now that we are telling all---I used to take the engines and scrape the clay off of the top end, fill the rest up with the compound from firecrackers (magnesium something?). I turned some wooden nose cones and hot glued then to the top. …
    in Model Rocketry Comment by ena June 2003
  • Quote: Originally posted by DiscoCow ....baby laxative brings meaning to life??
  • Quote: Originally posted by alcimedes my favorites are the creme filled ones though. mmmm, custard. ...looks like you're busy!
  • I'd suggest either Banana beer or Dandelion wine. Dandelion Wine Ingredients: *\t2\tqts.\tDandelion blossoms *\t4\tqts.\tWater *\t8\tWhole cloves *\t1/2\tt\tPowdered ginger *\t1\tC\tOrange juice *\t3\tT\tLemon juice *\t3\tT\tCoar…
  • Absolutely! form the "mosquito" to the Mercury Redstone (you had to build the escape tower from 3/32" dowels.) Hours of fun. I still have "Der Red Max" on my desk, and the BigFoot launch pad in storage. I guess back in the 50s and 60s they had "…
    in Model Rocketry Comment by ena June 2003
  • good observation, Matsu.
  • lost a day!! (thought it was Thursday) I'm getting old!!
  • FCiB!!! It might be Friday where you're at but...... ....oh shiit!!!
  • there is also some [alleged] cross-pollination between Greek and Jewish thought (pre Christianity)
  • Quote: Originally posted by xenet ...the difference between a theory/model developed from the evidence, and predictions made within the context of that theory/model. I'm confused, which ones are testable and repeatable?
  • Not to mention the Duran Duran videos that would have never been made.
  • I think DNA is probably a bad area---it's pretty easy to get lost in a lot of esoteric details, it would probably behoove most of us to all go get a copy of "DNA for Dummies".
  • say goodnight, giant---I'm wiating for the real Dom Jose to step forward.
  • Quote: Originally posted by xenu It is interesting to see that yet again fellowship corrupts science to make it fit into his religious agenda. Rather dishonest of him, I would say. I guess we can't have people running around "corrupti…
  • kinda-sorta iffy on Atta, but I think that clears it up a bit. I'm not real certain the evidence connecting SH to al Queda, found after the invasion, has been poo-pooed as well. I don't think so. At any gaint, the NYT thinks SH (or as my 6-y…
  • There's no excuses to look for---the UN had him as not disarmed, at the same time he was diddling the Israelies by supporting terrorism, and was "involved" with al Queda. Did Atta meet with the Iraqi ambassador to Turkey? Yes? No? What's not to l…
  • ....and the suicide vests---are those the same ones that are blowing up in Tel Aviv, or were the Fedayeen saving them for a special occasion?
  • Wasn't he supposed to denounce terrorism after 1991? Then he's giving payments to suicide bombers' families? What part of that regime were we supposed to have faith in?
  • One more thing--how many dirty bombs could be made from the material at Iraq's nuke site? IIRC the al Queda link was firmly established after the first month of fighting. Right? If the later is true that should scare the hell out of all of u…
  • Quote: Originally posted by giant Bush said Iraq was a 'urgent' and 'imminent threat.' So did John Kerry---and Clinton--were they lying too? How far does the conspiracy go? The UN said Iraq had not disarmed---which of the "undisarmed" weap…