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  • Well, an external hard drive or two as my main hard drive would be a bit too expensive (at UK prices) and I have heard that external drives are more prone to failing than internal ones. Firewire and usb seem to be suspiciously slow on my mac for som…
  • I am a NEVER ENDING cycle where a million things keep totally destroying my plans. I want to upgrade my OS from 10.1 so that some software actually works on it (although I am extremely resentful that I should be forced to when there is no probl…
  • That's weird that some of you have noticed PCs to be faster. The only macs I've used that are slower than PCs using the same network connection are the ones at my university. And no, it wasn't just because it was peak time. I went on at various time…
  • I rarely accidently close a window, however, I do tend to accidently open programs on the dock because I put it on the left hand screen because it seems to me like a logical place for it to be. I often accidently open a program when dragging windows…
  • hmm this is not looking hopeful at all. Thanks for your suggestion but it seems untested that even with 10.3 that LG drive could burn all formats of disk, or dvd ram. Some people on that site, which was a helpful link, got problems burning with it o…
  • Does anyone ever wonder what'll happen when they run out of big cat names? How many do they have left.. hmmm.. let's see They can have Mac OS X Leopard, Lion, Lynx, Bobcat, Puma, Cheetah, Ocelot.. er.. what else?
  • I'm not actually talking about applications of the sort you pay for, actually, I wouldn't buy those if they weren't compatible with my OS. It's the shareware and freeware and necessary downloadable applications and utilities that I want. Shareware s…
  • What version of Mac Os X are you using for this? One the many reasons I don't want to upgrade from Mac OS 10.1.2 is the slowness that I have witnessed on the iMacs at university, which have just been upgraded to OS 10.3 from OS 9. It takes as much …