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  • Now I'm being told there is a newer version of iTunes in the iTunes window and I need to download it? What is happening - I'm running 4.6? And it still won't accept my card. As for the Macuser forum - there are no solutions there... Aaaaarrgh - A…
  • Something I heard at the weekend Apple will introduce central music service/server for the home. Will be a plug and play hi-fi CD/DVD/HD system - with phone connection to iTunes store - for buying music etc. It will integrate with other Apple …
  • I'd like to attatch stickies to files as reminders of work in progress... I did suggest this years ago under OS 8... R
  • For what its worth - the cost of an 20Gb iPod on Amazon [EDIT UK] dropped by 30% - only a few weeks back there was a six week wait for orders. Amazon must have stock to clear..? Maybe - new designed iPod with solid state scroll wheel navigation s…
  • groverat I don't know why the foreigners are always so surprised, or even outraged. Apple is an American company based in America. Keep it simple For a while I thought Microsoft were an American company, then I realised their products are only …
  • Quote: with that reasoning I think Apple would have to release 10.4 as MacOS X '05, otherwise there would only be a few months left in the year.. The rate things are going we won't see a major upgrade 'til 2005?
  • I think they'll drop the big cat names and go for something like 'OSX 04' or the year there is a major upgrade - like iLife 4. ®
  • Hi Don't buy Iomega - they're crap! If you are just storing data try these: The Lacie - databank is nice and portable if you want to travel:…
  • I know of other people who have 3G ipods where the sound has gone in one channel. This is fault with the female connector on the iPod. Another design fault on the iPod (BATTERIES) - not good... ®
  • This happened to me 2 weeks ago. I soaked the keyboard in cold water for 10 minutes or so - I then left it to drip dry over night and put it in a warm place for a few days. Works fine now. Plug the mouse into the keyboard and then plug keyboard i…
  • Some pics
  • Quote: Originally posted by Rendevous Golly gosh mateys The apple rocks... OK PHOTOSHOP is booting in 2 seconds Dreamweaver boots 3 max.
  • Golly gosh mateys The apple rocks...
  • Quote: Originally posted by Silverlode Yeah...he's got 2 posts. 2 post mean nothing when you have the truth matey... WATCH THIS SPACE...
  • Quote: Originally posted by Silverlode I don't believe you. Post pics. Hpw can I when it booted that fast... I'm doing some installs but will be back .. The silince issue - STILL SOUND FROM FANS!!!