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  • Quote: But iPods being discounted in a market where they normally walk out the store at full retail value tends to make me think that we're about to have an interesting month or two. And about bloody time it is too.....
  • Quote: Originally posted by niloc PowerMac updates will be announced on March 2nd. You lose!!!
  • Quote: Originally posted by cubist Don't ask him if he knows what's coming out. Ask him what his inventory levels are and backorders. When we see the quantities dropping... and BTW ask him about the iMacs too Well, thats just it. Stock is h…
  • I work for an Apple reseller in the Netherlands and just spoke with a manager from our local distributor. According to him there will be NO Desktop updates in the near future!!!!! No eMac, Imac or Powermac. Just while I was in the market for a new…
  • Still nothing new and the store is still online :-( Do we have to wait till the next expo?
  • I refuse to celebrate until I see some evidence about my new dual 2.6 G5!
  • Quote: Originally posted by anand That's not what M.J said: We are the world, we are the children We are the ones who make a brighter day So let?s start giving Yeah and see where he is now...... In court.
  • Quote: Originally posted by onlooker :...I did not say, or insinuate that "America was the world" you ***..... ....What part of that do you, and your snooty attitude not understand? YOu ****ing **** Sm0ker..... Real mature reply. I rest m…
  • I agree with kroehl. America is NOT the world. Not everything Americans do interests the rest of the world.
  • It's the 21st an I'm standing ready with my wallet to go out and buy that dual 2.6. BUT WHERE ARE THEY? [edit]typo[/edit]
  • I can't believe Apple will release the iMac G5 before the Powerbook G5. The powerbook is the portable version of the Powermac and thus the proffessionals Mac. While the iMac is a consumer Mac. Whadayathink?