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  • Quote: Originally posted by Messiah The wrong icons were appearing in InDesign dialog boxes for a while. Instead of a caution icon, I was getting a random folder icon in there. I had that happen once, too. Very strange!
  • Quote: Originally posted by GSpotter Seems only to work in english. I tried typing Hau and hoped to find "Haus" (german for house) in the pop-up list. Instead I got a list starting with "Hauberk" and ending with "Hauteur's". The only german wo…
  • I had to weight this option up when I gave a friend of mine a Rev. A iMac (233 MHz/160 MB RAM/4GB). As this friend is new to computers, I figured stability was more important than speed and opted for Panther over leaving the machine at OS 9. The…
  • I think the problem is with the USB and the LaserJet 1200 in Jaguar. I had very similar problems with printing. The LaserJet 1200n would be connecting via ethernet, I am guessing, which is probably why Haddock didn't have similar issues. After a…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Slackula How would iChat AV work with iSight if one was using a 1 gig FP iMac with 1 gig of RAM and (kill me now) dial-up service rather than broadband? Obviously there would be no smooth-flowing video, but it would s…
  • I'm not sure how iChat works with a mac.com address, but I use it with my AOL screenname. I find the hardest bit managing the Buddy List as I have to either go into AIM/AOL, add the person to my buddy list there, then when they appear in my iCha…