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  • My rev A Alu 12" 867 runs Leopard like a dream. My machine only came with 128MB soldered to the board, but I have put a 1GB stick in the second slot with no problems at all. I've not noticed any slowdowns, and Quicksilver, iPhoto 7 and Safari are al…
  • If by "compatible player" you mean a set-top DVD player that can play DivX files, you only need to burn the avis to disk, as you would any other file, no conversion necessary.
  • Quote: Originally posted by MacCrazy And the reason the search bar doesn't resize is because it would become too small to write in. I meant the actual bar, not the search field. Initiate a search, and then resize the window: options in …
  • Two problems that I have: 1 - the repositioned volume slider. It looked much better under the play controls, and still lives there when the window is minimised. So why move it? 2 - new search. I find it mind-boggling that, as in the Finder, the ne…
  • Things like type ahead find, rudimentary RSS and the ability to rearrange tabs can be added to Safari by installing Safari Stand. Make sure you also get hold of Pithhelmet for adblocking, and Acid Search to add extra search channels to safari.
  • uControl can do this, I think; or you could use Quicksilver to set up a trigger for the command.
  • Quote: Make it like a calendar that displays on the menu bar like the clock. It will be easily accessible every time I want to look up the calendar. You can use Menu Calendar to do this: displays the date in your menu bar as an iCal icon, opens …
  • I would download an updated version of the 8-bit classic Head Over Heels or visitOrisinalfor a selection of deeply cutesy, but entertaining Game & Watch style attempts.
  • Thanks, these are both great suggestions - I'll try each out for a while and see which I prefer. It's a shame neither of them uses the tres swank cube effect to switch workspaces. Does anyone know if my original suggestion is even possible, or pa…