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  • Why doesn't santa have any kids? He only comes once a year, and that's down a chimney. :cool:
  • [quote]Originally posted by othello: So thats why the rest of the world plays it then? And that's why the rest of the world uses Windows.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Moogs ?: Oh God no! It's going to be the introduction of the new titMac with life-like fleshy tones and a monitor stem that even *feels* like a nipple. [ 03-20-2002: Message edited by: Moogs ? ] And this incr…
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  • <off topic>Hey torifile, how'd you, get your, teeth so, pearly*? . </off topic>
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  • [quote]Originally posted by Jeremiah Rich: Whoa.... But why are they not broadcasting the keynote if there truly is something secret here? Hmm?.... They never broadcast the MWTY keynote, even last year when they announced the "Super Secret"…
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  • [quote]Originally posted by spotbug: I think it's pretty clear what those shrouded booths and that box marked "secret" (in red, no less) are for. If you don't see it, think about what you're doing right now . What?! How did you know?! J…
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  • [quote]Originally posted by FERRO: IEEE1394, Happy now... Yeah! Your crazy idea might actually work.
  • Everyone seems to be pointing out the flaws in Apple's pro mouse, and not the positives. The best aspect of the mouse is it's unbiased design, i.e, it can be used by (almost) anyone regardless of their hand style (left handed, right handed, big,…
  • I always thought a cool bakeoff would be this: Steve simply says "We have new PowerMacs, I'd like to show you something. Macs are not known for their gaming abilities, but today we'd like to change that." The projection screen shows two instan…
  • Steve walks on stage: "Thanks very much for coming to the show today. We've got a lot of cool stuff to show you." He starts talking about the Mac as a digital hub, and breaks the hub up into four sections :Music, Video, Still images and PDAs. He …