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  • Everything Apple Sherlocked in macOS Ventura, iOS 16, and iPadOS 16

    I’m just jumping in to show some love for the Touch Bar! I totally understand why it’s not for everyone, but I was really pleased to see it survive. I’m someone who hardly ever used function keys in the first place, so the Touch Bar is a nice little feature for me that I use occasionally, certainly more than I ever used that row of keys before. I wish developers would show it a bit more love, but now that it seems banished to the 13” MBP only, I fear it’s days are numbered. Personally I think it should be an option on all the MBPs, I’d happily pay a little extra for it, but it sounds like I might be the only one!
    I agree. The Touch Bar may not have many uses but it has saved me countless hours by allowing me to scroll through pre-content video ads. That alone has made it extremely useful.
  • 'M1X' MacBook Pro set to arrive in 'several weeks'

    MplsP said:
    rcfa said:
    Not happy about the lack of touch bar.
    The Moment the revised edition was made with a separate physical ESC key, everything was fine.

    The only instance where the touch bar wasn’t an asset but a drawback was during a Boot Camp Windows recovery boot, when one was supposed to press an Fn key before the touch bar drivers to enable it acting as function keys was loaded, but that was easily fixed by temporarily attaching an external USB keyboard.

    If Apple does indeed do away with the touch bar entirely, and not just some entry level models, it’s a pity.
    I've had a Touch Bar on my MBP for 5 years. I've gotten used to it but rarely do I find it useful for much more than what I could do with the plain function keys and on a regular basis my fingers will overshoot the number keys and touch the Touch Bar, triggering some action I don't want.

    Regardless, it's been an orphan 'product' since the day it was introduced. They put in in the MacBook pros but never added it to any of the desktops and never even expanded it to the entire line of laptops. It was often counterintuitive, made you look down at the keyboard to use it, and was prone to accidental inputs. (Oddly, though, when I intentionally touched the icon to change keyboard layouts it would fail to register more often than not.)

    The fact that they never expanded it to desktops meant developers were put in a quandary about how to implement it and couldn't use it for any major workflows lest they strand desktop users.  If you used both a desktop and a laptop you either had to continually adjust when going back and forth or never bothered to use it at all. About the only thing I really found it useful for was skipping through ads on YouTube. 

    When it was first introduced, a lot of people called it a gimmick. Turns out they were pretty much right. I'm glad to see Apple is saving the money and using for other things.
    The Touch Bar may be somewhat of a gimmick and mostly orphaned, but it has one trick up its sleeve that has saved me days of my life: the video progress bar on the Touch Bar can be used to fast forward through most mandatory ads, which is super-convenient when e.g. watching online news. Unless there’s another way to do this, not having a Touch Bar will mean waiting for up to a minute until an ad is through. Doesn’t sound like much, but guesstimating that I use it to skip perhaps a dozen 30-second ads per day, over the five years I’ve had my MBP that adds up to 182.5 hours!!

    Edit: sorry MplsP, I just realized you mentioned this already for YouTube, another place where the Touch Bar saves a lot of time  -  my 182.5 hours are a gross underestimate, then!
  • TSMC says plans to spend $100B on chip fabrication expansion over next 3 years

    Holy moly, that's five times what Intel plans to spend in on manufacturing! It won't be easy for Intel to compete with that type of manufacturing capacity to draw in business. Plus, I wonder how much capacity they can even sell to others if they'll need to use some of their new fab capacity to manufacture their own chips, which still drive the majority of computers on the market.
  • Intel wants to manufacture Apple Silicon

    sflocal said:
    lmasanti said:
    Do we remember the times in which Apple made the chips in Samsung's factories and Samsung copied the technology?
    They copied the ads… Why not the chips?
    (They copy so wrongly the ads that the future of their chip is in serious condition.)
    Samsung copied the iPhone, not Apple's chips.  Samsung semiconductor did get caught passing Apple's agreements to Samsung Mobile, given Samsung a heads-up on what Apple was planning next. 
    The first iPhones (iPhone, 3G, 3GS) were actually built around Samsung processors. Starting with the A4 in iPhone , which shared the same Intrinsity-designed Cortex A8 core with Samsung's mobile processor of the time, Samsung and Apple processors diverged. Apple bought Intrinsity after the A4 was done, and every Apple ARM SoC after that was in its own league (likely also thanks to the low-power/high performance IP they had acquired with PA-Semi). Samsung tried to replicate this with their Mongoose processors, but while somewhat performant, they were also (too) hot. I don't remember Samsung's chip manufacturing arm sharing information with the rest of Samsung, I thought they were firewalled-off pretty well.
  • Apple reportedly cuts iPhone 12 mini production amid tepid demand

    Beats said:
    It’s freaking GIGANTIC to be called a “mini”. Why the fu** is everyone obsessed with huge phones? It’s irritating. Had it actually been “Mini” I’d be running to get it.

    I would still be using my 5s if it weren’t for the fact I broke it. That thing was TOUGH too. Smacked it into the ground numerous times. (Still works by the way the screen is just dark and has lines across it)

    I have big hands and my iPhone 6s is too big to use. I have to stretch my thumbs to the limit for one-handed use. I can’t imagine how people with little hands are using these enormous iPhones!

    Give me a screen the size of the iPhone 5 or even BETTER give me a screen the size of the iPhone 5 screen with notch or no notch and TouchID lock button.

    People who’ve been waiting for the real “iPhone SE 2” (not the lost iPhone 9 we got) have been waiting forever. Maybe we’ll never get it but these new iPhones are gigantic.
    I think they're about the same size -- except the Mini has far larger screen because it has no bezels.
    For myself, it took about 15 minutes to no longer miss the home button.

    The mini is smaller than an iPhone 6/6s/7/SE but has a larger screen. I got one after my 5s died, and it’s awesome - faster than my computer, long battery life (longer than a full day, most of the time, even with multiple Zoom meetings per day), excellent cameras (although a telephoto would be amazing to have), and I frankly don’t care whether it scrolls content at 60 Hz or 120Hz.