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  • Keep your iPhone X safe with one of these protective cases

     I don’t understand why Seidio is never included. I have been using Seidio cases since the iPhone 3S. I particularly like the Surface. Here is the link for their lineup for the iPhone X.
  • LG UltraFine 5K Display possibly affected by interference from nearby wi-fi router

    I had the same issue with my MB Pro 2016 TB and the 5K Ultrafine monitor. I brought the computer and monitor in to the Apple Store and we tested my computer, one of theirs (but no TB), my monitor, their monitor, my cable, and their cable in various combinations. In the end the flickering screens (monitor and MB Pro) and crashing of the MB Pro only occurred with my MB Pro. Theirs works with either cable and either monitor. They replaced my MB pro (had to be ordered as it was custom with 1TB Flash drive). I received the new computer and restored it and it seemed fine but did have one crash while playing a YouTube video. Then after I moved some items around on my very small desk (Verizon router, Apple Router, computer, papers, etc) the problem recurred!! I read online a comment about possible wifi interference and slid the monitor away from the routers and moved the routers bit further away and placed my papers between the routers and the monitor and the problem resolved! I am away for a few days but I will try some more detailed testing with the 2 routers to see if I can reproduce the problem. I am surprised that such an expensive monitor would be subject to such a significant and disabling problem. If LG dresses this with improved shielding I will contact them and ask for a replacement under warranty. It was a real hassle to restore my computer but that is done and I am very pleased with the MB Pro with Touch bar and the 1TB flash drive. It is really super fast and I personally love the keyboard. I also find the touchID in the touch bar to be a killer feature. The rest of the touch bar functionality is very intriguing and I am slowly finding it more and more helpful. I have to remember to look at it!