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  • Oculus founder says no Mac support coming until Apple builds 'good' system with better graphics

    Stupidly and needlessly antagonistic, even if accurate.

    Even as much as I think Macs are meh, their value proposition is light years beyond that of Oculus.

    FFS, Even the VIVE, which is $200 more expensive provides a better value than you do Oculus.

  • Tesla ramps up hiring in face of automotive threats from Apple, others

    Won't matter. Since nothing in a Tesla is revolutionary or proprietary there's nothing stopping any manufacturer from building their own to compete against Tesla.

    And those companies have significant advantages over Tesla by virtue of their considerable experience in mass producing automobiles.

    GM is going to show us its Bolt next month and should be selling them later in the year. They'll beat Tesla to market with a $30kish all electric car with 200 mile range by almost a year. Tesla was stupid to waste time on the Model X and should have devoted those resources to their Model 3 instead.

    After GM I'm sure we'll see Honda, Toyota and Ford also release electric cars. Tesla won't be able to compete since they don't actually have any advantage over them. 
    Musk's end goal is the propagation of the Electric Car. Ultimately, he doesn't care who does it as long as it is done(although he'd like to stay on top). Keeping his advanced patents related to recharging and battery tech to himself was contrary to that goal, therefore he opened them because he was growing frustrated on how slow other manufacturers were progressing to try and compete with Tesla and how bad their offerings were in comparison.

    The second part is ultimately, no average person cares about patents. They'll pick the car that is best for them. Just as the tens of thousands of patents between Nokia, RIM, Motorola and Samsung didn't stop Apple from becoming the champ of the smartphone market. Because regardless of patents, Apple simply made a better product. Similarly, Musk believes that if he can keep his top talent at Tesla, then patents will be a non-concern since in theory Tesla will be able to make products that remain competitive in some market.