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  • Apple kept iMessage off Android to lock users in to iOS

    If it can be proven that Apple knowingly used the term 'lock in' in its internal decisions it definitely won't bode well. 

    Why is that? Just replace it with „customer retention“, „recurring revenue“, „subscription model“, „brand relationship“, „well-integrated ecosystem of products and services“ and you just graduated from „Marketing 101“. And even stronger martial language („killing off competition“) has been used in business communication everywhere forever!

    To give you an example, years ago pay channels in the UK were able to 'snatch' the rights to televised football and effectively make anyone with an interest in watching football on tv have to pay for it.

    That’s not just a different „category“, this is about access to information of public interest. It’s a bit more far fetched in sports though by the amount of interest in football it also makes sense, but a better example is real-time access to public proceedings in parliament or congress. This is then about freedom of the press, transparency of government and legislation and therefore one of the foundational building blocks of any functioning democratic system. If such channels were controlled by any single for-profit media company and they could select/filter content of public interest or limit access to that to their customers, it would be a problem.

    locking in Someone into a specific community of users where it’s about personal preference, etc., is generally not in the same category unless one offering is so dominant that it becomes a de facto monopoly allowing for no more competition to ever come up.

    the latter is clearly not the case with iMessage and iOS and Apple in general. Also they are not the only Provider of key content of public interest with these tools. And they are offering epic the use of their platform for a fee/cut and under certain clearly published conditions.

    no Problem here, just a well run company with decision makers doing their job.

    case closed.

  • Apple kept iMessage off Android to lock users in to iOS

    Today we have other means of sending messages and far more secure than Apple solutions working on all devices. One of them is encrypted traffic Signal and we do not need Messenger …..

    hm. Which of these is working (outside of a browser?) on PC or Mac? The fact that iMessage works on my Mac too and the messages are in full sync so that I can switch in the middle of a conversation without the other person noticing makes me choose it over WA, signal, telegram, messenger anytime I can. But that’s not called lock-in, it’s called high customer satisfaction!

  • Apple kept iMessage off Android to lock users in to iOS

    What makes it hardest to leave the Porsche car ecosystem is the sheer quality of their setup and balancing of their cars with regards to handling and control and Cockpit-driver Integration.

    So now they should be forced to offer a „Porschify“ package for all other brands so that drivers of those could experience the same?

    if they really made such a ridiculously stupid argument, customers will hopefully turn away from Epic‘s games for good…..
  • Porsche Taycan first vehicle to fully integrate Apple Music

    I have a Taycan 4S, got it a good month ago, in Germany, and with Apple Music integration, although only free for 3 months (not years) for new Apple Music subscribers; I had Apple Music before getting the car, in this case I only got a months worth of subscription credit (10€ value)

    integration is nice; but yes, it was announced on Aug 20.... 2019! :-) Of course AI had it back then: https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/08/20/apple-music-gets-first-native-auto-integration-in-porsches-taycan

    :-)) history repeating?

  • Compared: Magic Keyboard versus Smart Keyboard Folio

    I got my Magic Keyboard a few days ago and now have both; at first I thought after accepting the price tag the magic keyboard would fully replace the Folio. After four days, however, I incidentally noticed the biggest drawback, at least for me.

    I had the iPad closed in the Magic Keyboard, and wanted to use it for reading handheld and without a keyboard. With the Folio, I open it, flip it over to the back of iPad Pro, but leave it attached; the move is completely natural to

    Only when I tried to do this I did notice that Magic Keyboard doesn’t flip over! It simply doesn’t.

    if you want to use iPad in handheld tablet mode with this, you have to detach it. Big time change for me. 

    This means that Magic is more like a docking Station; Folio, ob the other hand, is the better travel cover, leaving iPad in the same physical setup, but still being able to use it in all possible modes....

    This difference is much bigger for me than either weight or price or keyboard quality....
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