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  • Leaked sample of Intel's Broadwell-EP Xeon E5 chip may hint at Mac Pro specs

    I take that back.  While the 2000 range CPUs are designed for dual processor motherboards, it looks like the 12 core Mac Pro uses the E5-2697.  

    The 4-8 core Mac Pros use the 1xxx range processors.
  • Rumor: Apple to unveil redesigned MacBook Airs, new 15" model at WWDC 2016

    I hope Tim Cook is listening to some of the gnashing of teeth in these comments.

    Apple now has four different lines of laptop: MacBook Pro, MacBook MacBook Air, and the new iPad Pro (declared a laptop replacement by Tim himself).

    All these laptops are basically in the same $1000-2000 price range that Apple likes to be in. All are within a few millimeters of thickness. All are powerful.

    And with each revision every line is converging on incredibly thin and more power than you could ever need. MacBook power will go up. MacBook Pro thickness will go down. Etc.

    Four distinct lines in this increasingly small space is confusing.

    Tim, please get rid of two of these lines. Leave the iPad Pro and MacBook (adding a 15" version with pro features).

    In the past Steve Jobs dramatically simplified the product line. I recall the quadrangle of laptops and desktops.

    At that time Apple's survival and customer confusion were at risk. The survival problem involved engineering so many products that were so similar, each of which would sell less than a single, great product.

    Today Apple's survival is not at issue. But making great products is.

    Apple is at its best when it creates a single product they put everything they can imagine into. The iPad is THE tablet. The iPhone is THE phone. And the Apple Watch is THE watch.

    Yes, each line comes in two to three sizes and colors. But each line is clearly a singular force.

    It's time for Apple to return their laptops to a state of simplicity and focus.