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  • Hands on: Everything new with CarPlay in iOS 16

    welshdog said:
    It could be an issue for some carmakers, but others will see it as a way to co-brand with Apple. They'll promote the CarPlay features in their marketing as a way to entice a subset of potential car buyers. it certainly would be somewhat of an enticement for me, just as cars with Android Auto are a negative. My wife and I have an interest the new Volvo C40 Recharge models. I learned they run on the Android Auto and that annoys me. The car does list Carplay compatibility as a feature, but I figure it is limited within the overall Android OS of the car. Perhaps a couple years from now Volvo (and others) will offer full Android Auto or full expanded CarPlay as an option when you buy.
    In considering the Volvo XC40 Recharge EV, I was also unhappy about the Android aspect, and looking forward to the promised CarPlay. CarPlay hasn't materialized yet, though there's good reason to expect the current version soon, but I'm surprised at how well the Android system works in the car. Remember, this is a car, not a desktop ... the things you want the system to do in a car are quite well covered. There are a few apps I wish I had (I'd like Audible, and some are surprised that there's no Waze for Android Automative Operating System), but no big problem (I can run Audible on my iPhone and listen on the car's audio system via bluetooth). There are some problems, but these tend to be matters of connectivity or a need to restart things, stuff that I can assure you Apple will face to the same extent when they get their corresponding system up. I would urge you to test drive the Volvo and see how it works.