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    I'm a long-time Canon shooter and advanced amateur. The R and RP are superb bodies for the advanced amateur and for a pro who needs a 2nd (or 4th) camera body while maintaining Canon EF compatibility. If you are a Nikon or Sony FF mirrorless shooter, good for you; the Canon R/RP will not entice you. If you are a Fuji shooter, ditto. But if you are already a Canon shooter, the R/RP show you the future. The R has superb color rendition and fast autofocus. The EVF is sharp. It's sensor is between the 5D and 6D (the RP sensor is straight from the 6D) and it works well. The controls are very logical (for a Canon shooter), the menus well organized, and only that idiot touch bar gets in the way. You can read reviews; suffice to say that Canon users will use an R or RP and say "why yes, of course". The new RF lenses show exactly where Canon is going, all but one on the market today and one planned RF are "L" glass; that is, the best Canon can do. These are pro lenses, and what Canon is doing comes from the old photo adage, "you date your camera bodies but you marry your lenses". This is in contrast to Nikon where the ZF lenses (so far, they'll fix this eventually) are underwhelming. Canon is signaling that they're in the RF lens mount for the next three decades. The ability to mount EF lenses with a simple adapter makes clear that a Canon shooter can move up today to FF mirrorless and complete their transition at their own speed. One true weakness in the R/RP: video. If you absolutely need great 4K video, these aren't the cameras for you. Go Sony or Fuji. A true pro level R body (e.g., at or above the 5D, and perhaps at the 1DXm2 level) supposedly is coming by the end of this year, so a professional who shoots Canon and needs to make money is justified waiting. But the R and RP will meet the needs of many photographers. As long as you're in the Canon ecosystem. Sound familiar, Mac-users?